During the teenage years, countless people suffer from bouts of acne. It is a common occurrence in many that can often be helped with a simple facial wash or diet change. It is when the acne continues into adulthood, however, that causes concern and requires stronger methods. There are four popular methods for treating acne in adults.


There is a substance called accutane for acne. It is also known to some as Isotretinoin. This medicine is often prescribed only after other treatment methods have not worked. That is because it works strongly and quickly, but brings about many side effects. This medicine works primarily by shrinking oil glands. The pores may be unclogged as well.

Topical Cream Paired With Antibiotics

Those looking to get rid of acne fast often need to use multiple products to see results. Some doctors will prescribe both a topical cream consisting of retinoid, and an antibiotic, like doxycyline. The two working together will reduce inflammation around the acne site and unclog pores.

Oral Contraceptives

In women, contraceptives can help with acne caused by hormonal changes or imbalances. Taking birth control pills like Yaz or Estrostep is actually approved by the FDA as an acne treatment for the female population.

Laser Treatment

Men and women suffering from severe acne that is not helped by any other method can have a laser treatment done. This treatment works by having a specific type of medicine applied to the acne site. The light from the laser then activities the medicine so it can work through the skin and kill any bacteria that is present. It is also reduces the size of the oil glands so it is more difficult for them to become inflamed in the future.

Getting rid of acne fast can be done, as long as people put in the effort first to find the right treatment option for them. An option that works for one person may not work as well for someone else. With several choices available, each person suffering from severe acne can find a method that works for them, and eliminates their acne quickly.