Account Dashboard

Here at RebelMouse, we understand that every editorial team is structured differently. Whether you operate your web property with one editor, or have a network of 1,000+ contributors, it's easy to manage your team through the RebelMouse platform.

To easily add (or remove) individuals to the platform click 'Accounts' in the left admin panel OR type in YourDomain/core/dashboard/sites:

Invite individuals to join the platform via email, while selecting that individual's respective role within your web property:

User Permission Levels

Administrator: An Administrator has full control, access, and permissions across the entire web property. These controls include:

- Creating, publishing and deleting content
- Posting content to linked social accounts
- Accessing the Layout & Design tool
- Viewing the stats dashboard
- Accesing the property's account section

Editor: An Editor has the same access and permissions of an Administrator, with the exception of:

- They don't have the ability to publish content to your property's linked social accounts (ie, Facebook & Twitter).
- They can't access the Layout & Design tool.

Guest Editor: A Guest Editor can edit a draft, but not publish the content. They cannot access administrative tools such as Sections, Layout& Design, Content Sources, or Account.

Guest Writer: A Guest Writer can draft, but not publish content. They cannot access administrative tools such as Sections, Layout& Design, Content Sources, or Account.

Read Only: A Read Only user can only access the Stats dashboard. They cannot draft or publish content to the web property, access the Layout and Design tool, publish content to social, or access any administrative tools.

Developer: A Developer only has access to the Layout & Design tool. That way they can implement ads, edit the layout or change the design without creating or publishing any content in the site.

Community Member: An admin can add anyone they want as a Community Member, and the Community user then can create their own personal profile/account page.

A Community Member can create and publish content directly to their personal account/profile page, though this content will not be featured on the property unless it is featured on a home or section page by an Administrator/Editor. Content published by a Community Member is accessible via the post/article's direct URL.