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A/B Testing: Experiment + Optimize Content Performance

Millennials are 56% more likely to find brand content on social networks. As content discovery increasingly occurs through social channels, brands and media companies must equip themselves with the tools to test and optimize content performance. With A/B Headline Tools from RebelMouse, creating a social viral loop is simple and effective.

Create Your Content

Utilize the power of the RebelMouse publishing platform to easily create beautiful content that is optimized for a faster, mobile and social web.

Determine Alternate Headlines for Social Media

Use the RebelMouse A/B headline tool to write multiple headlines for social media. Each headline will create a shortened link to use when sharing to social media. You can use dark posts for testing, or send out different headlines over time.

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In a RebelMouse A/B test, users clicked on a list post with an odd-numbered headline 32% more often and stayed on the page for two additional minutes. This data supported the need for additional Facebook spend to promote this post.

Users See the Headline They Clicked

It's easy to create different headlines for social media linking to content. What makes the RebelMouse A/B headline tool unique is when users click on your article from social media, the headline they see on the article is the same as the headline they clicked.

Users Share the Same Headline They Clicked

Not only is it important to deliver a consistent experience to each user from the social headline to the article click-through, but the sharing experience should reflect the same headline as well. With the A/B headline tool, when users share a variant article, they'll share the correct headline to their own social networks, rather than the original headline with which they never engaged.

The Benefits

Determine the Headline With the Most Potential Virality

Use the RebelMouse Insights dashboard to view the results of your campaigns, in order to determine which headlines are performing best.

Tailor Content Toward Your Audience

Stop assuming that one headline works for every audience. The best headline for your front page is not necessarily the best headline for your social community. And the best headline for your Facebook audience is not necessarily the best headline for your Twitter followers. Personalize your headlines to maximize virality across the social web.

Capture and Convert a Viral Moment

A/B headline tools provide hard data on what is performing, making it much simpler to add fuel to a popular post and headline. Once this process begins, turn the moment into post views, newsletter subscribers, shares, signups to your site, contributor blog posts, followers, conversion events and more.

A/B testing tools will evolve to include image testing, custom CTA testing at the audience funnel level and an intelligent rules-based deprecation engine.
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The Most Secure CMS of 2022

The Most Secure CMS of 2022

Why RebelMouse Is the Most Secure CMS on the Web

Delivering a secure, high-performing environment with extreme reliability is essential to all of our clients at RebelMouse. We only use industry-leading, reliable approaches to host our infrastructure. This ensures maximum stability and security for all of our clients’ data. Here are just some of the reasons we’re able to maintain a hard-bodied product that’s flexible, too.

Most websites get hacked. RebelMouse has never been hacked.

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The Subscription Model Is Taking off and Competition Has Never Been Steeper
Rebel Insights

The Subscription Model Is Taking off and Competition Has Never Been Steeper

The post-pandemic user landscape is still ripe for subscription revenue

You can get a subscription for everything these days. Whether it’s a cheese-of-the-month club or annual access to read your favorite content, the subscription-based model has continued to gain steam in recent years. In fact, the market for digital subscriptions is valued at $650 billion according to a new report from Lineup, a subscription management solution.

The power of the subscription model has been growing since even before the COVID-19 crisis began, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing as we enter a post-pandemic landscape. According to What’s New in Publishing, Gannett reported a 46% year-over-year increase in digital subscriptions in November 2021, putting them at 1.5M total subscribers. Hearst grew its digital subscriptions by 50% in 2021.

But subscriptions aren’t just for big name publishers. Users in 2022 are ready to pay up for legacy names and new media companies alike, as long as it’s for an experience that’s beneficial to them, reliable, and free of the clutter that can come from third-party platforms. Speaking of platforms, even TikTok and Instagram have started to gauge their audiences’ temperature on subscription experiences. So, the competition has never been steeper for publishers looking to build a subscriber base. Unfortunately, launching a simple paywall may not be enough.

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Engagement on the Rise: Why It’s Your Ticket to Loyalty
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Engagement on the Rise: Why It’s Your Ticket to Loyalty

New data from Chartbeat shows engagement time is increasing despite traffic dips

Getting users to your site is only half the battle. For publishers, it’s now become more critical to focus on how long those users stay on your site — and if they ever come back. Q1 2022 data analyzed by Chartbeat found that engagement is on the rise, even though metrics like pageviews and mobile traffic experienced a decline.

Chartbeat measures engaged time by the “amount of time that readers spend actively engaging with a page — scrolling, clicking, or moving their mouse.” With this in mind, their data showed that most regions in the world registered an average of 30 seconds of engaged time on site in Q1. Readers in Latin America led the results with an average of 34.7 seconds of engaged time.

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