Whether you have an IRA, multiple IRA's, Roth IRA or any type of gold IRA retirement planning, either from a company in which you are employed or from a company you own, chances are you are being held CAPTIVE! What I mean by that is that the investment choices than can be made and by whom are very likely severely limited by the custodial plan document, the actual paper work that establishes your plan.

It's also very likely that your plan was established by some financial institution, a brokerage firm, a mutual fund, a bank or some other financial services entity that also offers financial products that you coincidently have the choice to purchase within the plan or, in the worst cases, are purchased for you without your input or with very little input from you. Hey, it's your money isn't it? Why shouldn't you have everything to say about where and how investments are made? After all, if you can do even somewhat better in terms of investment returns, and you certainly can, it can make a huge difference in your available assets some years down the line. I know, you have seen or maybe even have a "self directed plan".

These are usually offered by brokerage firms or mutual fund families. Did it ever strike you as odd that the only investments you can make in such arrangements are the very ones that they sell? Knowingly or not you, your funds and your financial future are being held CAPTIVE in such an arrangement. How would YOU like to have "line item" control over the types of investments made within your IRA or retirement plan? With just a little knowledge (the purpose of this book) and the power of "line item" control your investment returns could be greatly multiplied. They way to break free from this captivity is to establish your IRA or Retirement Plan with a custodian whose plan documents allow for you to invest in ALL permissible investment allowed by uncle IRS.

Rather than detail a list of what investments are permissible, you should know that the list of prohibited investments is rather short and actually two categories. You have to know everything else is fair game. There is also a short list of national custodians that have been serving clients in this way for a lot of years. Establishing your plan with one of these custodians gives you your much deserved freedom and that act is what I call "Super Charging" Your IRA or Retirement Plan. It can make a huge, huge difference in what you are able to accumulate through your retirement plan. This will ensure that your plan or plans to reality "Wealth Accumulation in Vehicles".

I highly suggest that such custodians be legally chartered and regulated trust companies able to do business in your state, not brokerage firms. A search engine inquiry for "The Self Directed IRA" and "The Self Directed 401k" will get you started The sources you discover from such a search will serve you well in that regard. They are all excellent sources of information and the education that you will need to properly implement such a strategy. There are rules and regulations that you must properly follow.