Most people when they are picking up the things they need to go out fishing, they tend to spend most of their time selecting the best rode, obviously, and then looking for flies, tippets, leaders and all sorts of other fly fishing gear.

However, there is one very important type of gear which people totally forget about. Until they start getting pissed off they constantly are walking with sand in their shoes or even worse, cold water.

Investing in proper footwear

Now here is the thing. If you decide to cut costs in the rest of the equipment you were going to use, then in worst case you would have to deal with the line breaking a few times and some of the gear going missing in the river.

Even if you cut costs or don't really buy any extra clothing to wear, you are going to be alright. But not if you don't have waterproof shoes. Think about it, you are standing next to the river and you are terrified of going any more rear it because your toes feel so cold you are sure only liters of alcohol is going to bring them back to life.

It can be a little annoying during summer as well, but worst case scenario, if you are in a sandy beach, you will be able to get your shoes off anyway. During winter though, it can actually ruin your whole day.

Rubber or neoprene?

Although people who plan on getting in water are always getting waterproof shoes, in most cases anglers are on a budget and they don't think they are going to get wet.

However, if you are going fishing, chances are that you will.

That being said, there are three popular option for waterproof waders. There are the traditional rubber waders which are the heaviest and stiffest of the three. Their main advantage is that they are made of rubber and so they are very cheap and can easily be patched up if needed.

The next one in this category are canvas waders. They look a lot like the rubber ones but they have a few more advantages. They are usually tougher and depending on the type of their insulation they can be heavier, warmer and stiffer. One more advantage they have is that they are usually longer to last

Finally there are the waders made of neoprene. This one is probably the most popular kind of waders these days. They are warm, they are thick and they are durable.

But in the end, there are as many choices as types of fishermen. Not all of them share the same activities, thus they need different footwear.