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Dipping an Ástarpungar ("love ball") into some afternoon coffee at the very best bakery in all Iceland. (OK, the one in Siglufjörður is a very close second.) #Iceland #pastry #coffee #yum
"New Fresh Strawberries" for sale in the roadside in western Iceland. This is farm country & full of new life this spring. I love this time of the year because the weather is great, but still not too many tourists.
Baby calf No. 0843, about 6 weeks old, enjoying her very first spring at Erpsstaðir dairy farm in western Iceland. Icelandic cattle represent thousand-year old purebred stock directly descended from the animals brought over by Viking settlers in the 9th century. Their milk, cream, cheese & butter has a rich & lustrous flavor that comes from eating organic hay. Only about 30,000 cattle live in Iceland, and around 200 on this farm, which makes its own cheese & ice cream. Definitely worth a stop! #Iceland #icecream #cows #dairy #food
Inside the old church at Reykholt, painted light pink with a place blue ceiling & gold stars. Copy of Carl Bloch's painting of Matthew 11:28, "Come Unto Me all ye who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." #Iceland #christian #history #church
The old church at Reykholt, a site that dates back to 11th century Christianity in Iceland. This church was built in 1887 by Ingólfur Guðmundsson, and exhibits the kind of bro-classical style of the prim, bite-size red-roofed churches that dot the green countryside of Iceland. Still considered an important historic, cultural & spiritual place in Iceland today. #Iceland #history #christian
Best part of traveling to Iceland in spring? All the baby lambs jumping around the fields. They are so tiny but so full of life, exploring their new world but never straying to far from their mamas. #Iceland #sheep
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