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One Billion Rising Maldives, organised by Sangat Sangat alumna and One Billion Rising - South Asia advisor in the Maldives. Check out their event page here: #RiseinSolidarity #1BillionRising Bike Maldives
Studenten van Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten hebben in het kader van One Billion Rising Tilburg, samen met 400 leerlingen van lokale middelbare scholen, een dans opgevoerd op het Pieter Vreedeplein.
Amazing student activists from Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten doing their own original One Billion Rising dance to their original OBR song! Here they are at the main event One Billion Rising Tilburg event Tilburg, Netherlands on 10 February. #1BillionRising #riseinsolidarity
SOLIDARIDAD CONTRA LA EXPLOTACIÓN DE LA MUJER! Call to action from Un Billón de Pie México/One Billion Rising V-DAY Global Coordinator Andres Naime & Activists/Organizer Rosi Orozco. #RiseInSolidarity #1BillionRising #UnBillonDePie
Sumayaw po ng One Billion Rising dance ang mga kawani at opisyales ng DSWD sa Central Office bilang bahagi ng first flag ceremony para sa 2017. Ang OBR dance po ay ang pandaigdigang kampanya laban sa karahasan sa kababaihan at kabataan. #DSWDMayMalasakit
"One Billion Rising Revolution 2017 at DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) - with staff dancing!!!! Go DSWD!!!" -OBR Global Coordinator Monique Wilson #riseinsolidarity #1billionrising #rise4revolution
One Billion Rising is the biggest mass action to end violence against women in human history. The campaign began as a call to action based on the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. That adds up to more than ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. J...
Salesladies, caregivers, students, child rights advocates staged a flash dance at a popular shopping mall to usher in the #1BillionRising Revolution global uprisings that will peak on 14 February to reaffirm the fight against fascism, imperialism, and neoliberal economic policies and programs that worsen violence against women and children. #RiseInSolidarity
Sharing, Documenting and Streaming Your Risings in 2017 - One Billion Rising Revolution
Around the world activists have begun to RISE in Solidarity Against the Exploitation of Women and we want to world to witness every sight and sound of this extraordinary global action. Be sure to document and share everything you do for in preparation for and at your OBR event. HERE’S HOW! Share your photos, video and audio updates with the global audience using the hashtags #1BillionRising & #RiseinSolidarity.
Organize in your community as a part of the 2017 campaign! Radically reimagine how you can use the tools to end all forms of violence against women and girls! There is still time to plan a #1BillionRising or V-Day event in your area. Throughout the month of February and through International Women’s Day on 8 March, events will be taking place around the world. Raise awareness and funds locally and shinning a Spotlight on Violence in the Workplace through V-Day and In Solidarity Against the Exploitation of Women through One Billion Rising. More info available online: V-Day: One Billion Rising:
#RevolutionaryLove is TRENDING on Twitter in the United States! Keep RISING & Sharing and JOIN US in NYC tonight from 6-9 for Artistic UpRISING/Revolutionary Love at Wash Sq Park #1BillionRising #RiseInSolidarity
Kilabalita Feb 14 2017 Rights group joined One Billion Rissing Human rights defenders in Southern Mindanao Region joined thousands of wome...
Rising In Davao Philippines! #RiseinSolidarity #1BillionRising Report from Kilab Multimedia: Rights group joined One Billion Rising Human rights defenders in Southern Mindanao Region joined thousands of women rising in Davao City on its 5th year One Billion Rising for Revolution. Dubbed as Rise and Struggle for just and lasting peace, Jay Apiag of Karapatan-SMR raised hand inscribed with a call 'Hands Off Activists!. In a span of 3 days, grave human rights violation has been committed by state forces to progressive individuals after Defense secretary Lorenzana declared an All-Out War against Reds and Davao Police chief Dubria pronounced that militants are propagandists of CPP-NPA-NDF Apiag said that with the DND's pronouncement, it authorizes the AFP and the PNP to legitimately victimized the activists especially civilians. He also urged President Duterte to go back to the negotiating table and address the root causes of armed conflict.
Share Your #RiseInSolidarity Footage and Photos With Us! - One Billion Rising Revolution
The world is RISING in Solidarity Against the Exploitation of Women and we want to world to witness every sight and sound of this extraordinary global action. Document, film, and share everything you do in preparation for at your OBR Events. Tell the story of what’s happening by sharing your photos, video and audio updates with the global audience! Be sure to tag us and use the official hashtags #1BillionRising #RiseInSolidarity and #RevolutionaryLove in addition to your local hashtags. More tips & tools for filming, documenting and sharing your event here:
Make Valentine’s Day a Day of Revolutionary Love & Resistance! Tell us what that means to you using the #RevolutionaryLove #1BillionRising Then - JOIN US on 14 Feb in NYC for the #1BillionRising event “ARTISTIC UPRISING; A CALL FOR REVOLUTIONARY LOVE”. The rally will feature performances and speeches by many artists and activists, and a ranting box for the audience to use to share their vision, their outrage, their expressions of solidarity. More info & RSVP on the FB Event Page:
10 days until the RISING! Visit to find a Rising near you. Or initiate one in your community! Be part of the Revolution! #1billionrising #riseinsolidarity #rise4revolution
"Join us tomorrow outside the US embassy in Manila on the day of Trump's inauguration, January 20th. Over 600 marches are taking place around the world - in all 50 US states and in over 35 countries on January 20 and 21. RISE Against Fascism! RISE Against US Imperialism! RISE Against Militarization! RISE Against Patriarchy and Misogyny! RISE Against the Exploitation of Women! RISE! RESIST! UNITE!" - Monique Wilson, One Billion Rising Global Director #riseinsolidarity #1billionrising
Witness the World RISING! Follow the global rising online at and continue to share your photos, videos, artistic expressions, and statements using the hashtags #1BillionRising #RiseInSolidarity #RevolutionaryLove
Why does the United States still let 12-year-olds get married?
Fraidy Reiss, founder and executive director of Unchained At Last, a nonprofit that helps women and girls escape arranged and forced marriages writes about their work to end child marriage in the United States. On 14 Feb they have partnered with #1BillionRising for a radical RISING in Albany at the New York Statehouse. Rise in solidarity to end child marriage and forced marriage in New York and across the US. #RiseInSolidarity If you are in the area, we invite you to join the Chain-in: Wearing bridal gowns and veils, activists will RISE with their arms chained and mouths taped, to send a powerful message to legislators: Pass the bill Asw. Amy Paulin soon will reintroduce to end child marriage in New York. More info on the event page:
"OUR S/EXPLOITATION; OUR SOLIDARITY" by Zillah Eisenstein (USA) - One Billion Rising Revolution
"In these noxious times as Donald Trump establishes himself as President alongside right-wing racist patriarchs like Modi in India, and Putin in Russia, it is so urgent for women and the people who love them to stand against racist misogynist hatreds, and come together in radical solidarity for a humane planet. We say no to all collaboration, all compromise, all accommodation with the exploitation of the air, the water, the earth, and with human life itself." - Anti-racist feminist, writer, professor, and activist Zillah Eisenstein shares her thoughts in the latest entry in our RISING SOLIDARITY series, sharing stories of extraordinary activists from around the world about their experiences with true solidarity. #RiseInSolidarity #1BillionRising
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