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Activists in Guatemala shared this picture from their One Billion Rising Revolution 2016 pre-launch event earlier this week at the National Theatre of Guatemala, where more than 1500 people danced and stood to say no more violence towards women and girls. #1BillionRising #Rise4Revolution
#tbt The Chelko Foundation sculpture titled “One Woman Rising” created for the first year of #1BillionRising was officially dedicated and became a permanent fixture in Freedom Park, Atlanta earlier this year.
RISING at the Fiesta de Santa Fe, New Mexico By Jessica Montoya - One Billion Rising Revolution
"On Friday, September 11, 2015, we gathered together peacefully holding signs with historical facts and quotes from Don Diego himself while wearing black t-shirts with the year 1680 emblazoned on the front. Our goal: expand the narrative of Santa Fe’s story celebrated each year and help tell a collective story with the voices of the marginalized at the forefront." - Jessica Montoya, One Billion Rising Coordinator. READ the full #1BillionRising blog about the peaceful protest organized in Santa Fe, New Mexico in an effort to bring multiplicity to an annual local celebration that reenacts the conquest of the Pueblo Native people by Spanish conquistadors.
"Bai Bibiyaon Bigkay, fierce chieftain of the Ata Manobo tribes in Talaingod Davao del Norte leading the #1BillionRising Revolution event in Davao last February. I had the honor of meeting her and the Lumad communities in the evacuation camp in Davao City a few weeks ago, where they are currently living. They have had to evacuate their mountains because of intense and hostile harassments by the military (AFP) who are invading the Lumad ancestral lands, and who are protecting the interests of the government, the capitalist business elite and multinationals. We heard stories of killings and rapes and displacement of entire communities,and the shutting down of schools because of the military. Our Lumad sisters and brothers are Rising and have always been Rising for their rights. We must Rise for Revolution with them and for them!" -Monique Wilson, One Billion Rising Global Coordinator #StopLumadKillings #riseforrevolution!
Fondacija CURE - Promocija knjige
This week, Eve and One Billion Rising Coordinator Rada Boric will be in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina for the regional PitchWise festival where they will give two talks, first at the National Museum on Wednesday the ninth and at then at the Bosnian Cultural Center on Thursday the tenth. They will discuss topics including The City of Joy, Eve's book "In the Body of the World", the refugee crisis and of #1BillionRising Revolution 2016.
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