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Michigan Lottery - Past Winning Numbers

The past winning numbers lookup allows you to find winning numbers for current online games dating back to 1984.  You can look up a single drawing or an entire year's worth for any game with a single search.  Just select the desired game and date range.  Winning numbers for Club Keno, Raffle and Expired Games drawings are listed separately.

Do YOU see yourself as a LOTTERY winner?

I’ve heard a lot of people telling me that they should win the lottery because they have mortgages, plenty of children, they’ve worked their wholes life and now they want to settle down somewhere nice and live without worries and money problems.

Most of them, yes they should win the lottery. They should be able to have a much better life than what they had until now. The problem is that they don’t see themselves as lottery winners, jackpot winners. They are worried and buried down in everyday’s little chores and everyday’s problems. They don’t have the time anymore to dream big. They wish for something to happen, yet they are not ready to go the extra mile to make it happen.

Winning the lottery is not something that just happens to you, you have to take a stand and say loud and clear that you want to win the lottery and you are going to do whatever is necessary to get yourself on that winner’s board in your state.

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