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How can the past winning numbers tell you the next winning numbers for Powerball?

In the past 20 years, we managed to get an idea on what numbers are most probable of being drawn. Even though it’s not possible to know exactly the numbers that will be drawn tomorrow, you can however take knowledge of the traits that most of the Powerball winning numbers have.

Did you know that 30% of all winning numbers were 3 odd/3 even drawings? Closely followed by 20% 4 even/2 odd drawings and 20% of 2 even/4 odd drawings?

Lottery Winners give back
Mark and Cindi Hill won half of the biggest PowerBall lottery jackpot in the US three months ago. Nothing changed apparently for the couple, they are still doing the same usual routine they've done until the winning moment, Mark is still drinking his morning coffee with his friends at the local coffee shop in Dearborn, Missouri. 
After winning the lottery they started giving back to the community, by giving money to civic projects in Mark's hometown of Camden Point. The new Camden Point fire station and ball field will be sponsored by the Hills family as they said they would do if they win the jackpot.
Illinois Lottery - When You Win

Not sure what to do after winning the lottery? 

You won? You won!

Congratulations! Before you do anything else, sign the back of your ticket!

By law, profits from all regular Lottery games are deposited into the state's Common School Fund, supporting kindergarten through 12th grade public education. Illinois students and schoolrooms receive nearly $623 million per year in Lottery revenue - about 9.6% of the state's annual contribution to K-12 education. (That's a lot of chalk).

The Illinois Lottery is additionally mandated to conduct Lottery games that benefit specific causes. The lottery supports the Carolyn Adams Ticket for the Cure, the Illinois Veterans Assistance Fund, Red Ribbon Cash (HIV/AIDS Prevention), and MS Mission Move (supports Multiple Sclerosis Research). Learn more about the specific causes Illinois Lottery helps.

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