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Mega Millions past winning numbers and the Mega Millions jackpot!

My last post was on the PowerBall past winning numbers and how their history can help you observe some of the characteristics the drawn numbers have in common. Helping you decide on the numbers you want to play and how you can combine them to have most of these traits.

Let’s do the same for the Mega Millions past winning numbers and see what their history can teach you on how to choose your lottery numbers.

We’ve been analyzing the Mega Millions game, since it first changed its name from The Big Game to Mega Millions in 2002. And we came close to the same conclusion as for the PowerBall game,only the percentage of the traits differs .


Congrats to Robert Dietrich from Montrose for winning the $250,000 Magic Crossword Second-Chance drawing! Robert has been entering second-chance drawings since we began offering them. He attributes his big win to, "being diligent and believing!" His motto is, "you can't win, if you don't play!" He plans on using his winnings to pay-off debt. This is his second big second-chance drawing win -- he previously won a Colorado Avalanche hockey prize-package.


Half the fun of playing the Colorado Lottery's games is researching the best way to play. Here are the tools to do just that! Explore the sections below to find out what piques your interest... and maybe, per chance, the information will give you a leg up on luck. If you're a MyLottery member, be sure to save your customized reports to your personal dashboard.

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