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About the Arizona Lottery

The Arizona Lottery was approved by a statewide public initiative in November 1980, becoming the first state west of the Mississippi to have a legal, state-administered lottery. Although the initial approval margin was slim, subsequent referendums have shown high public support.  In November 2002, 73 percent of Arizonans voted to extend the Lottery for an additional 10 years.  Legislation passed in 2010 ensures that the Lottery will continue until 2035.  Jeff Hatch-Miller (pictured top center) is the Lottery's current Executive Director.

Powerball past winning numbers tell you YOUR winning numbers!

Did you know that the minimum Power Ball sum (1+2+3+4+5= 15) has never been drawn? And yet people are still playing it week after week?

Did you know that the maximum Power Ball sum (55+56+57+58+59) has never been drawn also? Again..There are a lot of people that still play it constantly hoping to hit some time in their life time.

Keeping your Power Ball past winning numbers up to date is one of the most important tasks you can do to help in order to win the Power Ball game. The numbers tell you everything you need to know for you to choose your numbers right and win the Power Ball jackpot.

I Won, Now What?

$4,500,000 The Pick winners accept their prize at the Phoenix Lottery office 


Here's What to Do Next 

Click on the Winners' Brochure PDF file below.  Our brochure explains all aspects of the winning experience, including:

  • How to claim your prize
  • Jackpot payment options
  • Office pool ticket redemption
  • Tax information
  • Arizona Debt Setoff Program
  • Publicity
  • Managing your winnings

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