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DOSH, Introducing a New Easy Cash Back App
I’m all about saving money and it’s even better when I can get deposits in my bank account without doing anything. That’s why I love this new cash back app, DOSH.

DOSH, which is available for Apple or Android devices, is easy to use. You enter your credit and/or debit cards once (they’ll even give you $1 cash back for each one you put in) and it securely and safely. You can also get cash for referring friends.  Then, cash out when you reach just $15 through Paypal or directly to your bank account. You also have the opportunity to donate the money to charity.

The new DOSH app couldn’t have been released at a better time. It’s worth a download for your summer fun, and you can even make money while you travel.  

The number of stores using DOSH is expanding every day, locally and nationally. Some of the great deals shopping include Gap, Nike, Forever 21, and even Walmart. You can also get your car fixed at Jiffy Lube, or eat at Dickey’s BBQ and Jack in the Box for cash back. They have a selection of local restaurants too, with many more to come.

For travelers, DOSH offers deals on hotels, so you not only get cash back, you get a great price on a hotel room. Boost your budget with cash back in your bank account when you return from vacation

Just like any new app, there are some glitches in finding your location (you can type it in) and a few crashes, but I found the app to still work better than most. Just make sure you continually check for app updates when you use it.

Start your summer off with a download DOSH . Not only is the app free, but you’ll instantly get a dollar for every card you connect.

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Smithsonian Zoo for Washington DC Finale
It was my last day in Washington D.C.(image) and it was going to be a good one.

I was able to sleep in at the Embassy Suites Chevy Chase Pavilion(image) and enjoyed their hot, complimentary breakfast. I made up a bowl from the yogurt bar and had a couple of pancakes on the side.

My niece, Alea, had some school work to do so we decided to meet directly at the Metro Station beneath the hotel.

We took the train to the stop closest to the Smithsonian National Zoo. I love zoos and I was especially excited to see the giant pandas here.

This zoo is not only one of the best in the country, but it’s free.

The pandas did not disappoint. They were happy to eat and play for the growing audience. We hung around for a while and the kept us laughing and smiling.

We walked around and also saw the tigers, lions, and cheetah. I’m always thrilled to see content animals in a zoo.  



Alea and I got back on the Metro to head to an interesting spot for lunch.

Bayou Bakery is located at the Old Naval Hospital, a historic building which goes back to President Abraham Lincoln.

The Washington, DC(image) café is owned by Chef David Gaus and is modeled after his New Orleans roots. 

Chef Gaus frequently hits the talk show circuit and has also served as host of the Travel Channel’s American Grilled.

We were very hungry and ready to taste some of Bayou Bakery’s Southern cooking.


While we waited for our food to be ready, we had to try one of their Dat-O cookies, sort of a homemade Oreo, but bigger and better.

We also shared an order of light and sweet beignets. 

I then had an egg and cheese on a flaky warm biscuit, while Alea went for the lobster roll.

We walked back to the Metro and took it to the hotel where we said our goodbyes. 

It was time for me to head to the airport and leave Washington DC(image), but I’m sure I will be back soon. 

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