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Meatloaf Burgers

When I was growing up my single mother got some "inexpensive healthy meals" recipes from the US government. I'm pretty sure this Meatloaf Burgers recipe was one of them.

It's important to understand where meatloaf came from. The eggs and crackers help stretch the ground beef, which was crucial in rough times. Though beef isn't such a luxury these days, we still benefit from cutting the amount of red meat in our diet.

But I love these meatloaf burgers because of the taste: It's like eating a hamburger with all the onions and Worcestershire sauce built in, making them very flavorful. I only top them with some mustard. [ read more ... ]

Mexican Mess and Micro Taco

I make a taco meat pasta salad dish I affectionately call Mexican Mess or Micro Taco. I have no idea where the recipe came from.

The taco pasta is sort of like a Mexican-spiced Spaghetti with Meat Sauce but once you add all the toppings, the similarity fades.

Stretching meat with pasta (or beans or tofu) has long been a strategy for poor folk (myself included) but it is also healthy by cutting our red meat consumption. [ read more ... ]

My Family Tree is a Topiary!

My mom is a huge genealogy buff and has researched several branches of our family tree back to the 1500's and beyond.

It turns out that three of William Shakespeare's grandparents are in my family tree!

That section of the tree is so tangled that it gets really hard to wrap your mind around — instead of branching out, it is grafted back onto itself a few times. [ read more ... ]

Scientific Language in the Media

Another thing (see previous post) that bugs me is when so-called scientists fail to use error-bar language when they talk to the media. They speak with such certainty that the public automatically accepts their conclusions without considering the limits of the research.

Over-certainty may lead the public to believe that the science is settled, that the scientific community is in agreement (consensus) on the topic. Often this is NOT the situation. [ read more ... ]

My Personality Profiles

StrengthsFinder:  Strategic, Ideation, Learner, Input, Intellection Jung / Meyers-Briggs / Keirsey:  NT Rational, INTP Architect Jung’s Cognitive Functions / Socionics:  Ti, Fi, Te, Ne MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES:  Logical, Spatial, Naturalist, Verbal SLOAN BIG 5:  sCxx|I| ADVANCED GLOBAL: OLDHAM TYPES: Leisurely, Sensitive ENNEAGRAM:  5, 9, so/sx/sp KINGDOMALITY:  The Discoverer PERSONALITY DEFECT:  Robot (Rational, Introverted, Gentle, Humble) StrengthsFinder:  […](image)

Religious Liberty after the Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision

The Supreme Court of the United States released its decision on the topic of gay marriage on Friday. The majority view supported gay marriage as a constitutional right, thereby nullifying any state laws addressing the issue. The minority views included the opinion that this was fundamentally and constitutionally a states' rights issue and the prediction that this decision would inevitably be used to restrict religious liberty. [ read more ... ]

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