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I have a large tract of undeveloped woodland located a few feet from my home in the midst of a large urban city. This is my playground. #optoutside @rei - need new hiking boots!
Trail of sorts that I followed during a morning hike in the forgotten forest. It's so quiet you can easily forget this is an urban area. Spied deer tracks along the river bank. #optoutside
#blackcatsofinstagram National Black Cat Day. Meet Atlas. Not mine but adopted by my sister a few years ago. I was volunteered to cat sit one weekend. Atlas and I stared at each other like we were new species encountering each other for the first time. Have never adopted a cat into the family, only dogs. They are curious creatures.
A forgotten forest in Philadelphia holds many treasures. I'm lucky enough to live a stone's throw from a large tract of unspoiled woodland. Stay tuned as I share my discoveries in this park. #optoutside
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