Rugs are the most important gadgets in our home or office, which add beauty to it. Many of us show so much interest, while buying a new set of rugs for home or office, but similar interest is not shown to preserve its beauty. Here are some simple tips to preserve the beauty of the rugs recommended by the experts in the rug cleaning services.

i.It is for sure that we do have holidays. So pick up a day for rug cleaning. Flip the rug upside down. There may be a lot of dust seen when this is done. The better option is to vacuum the lower part of the rug to remove the maximum dust particles from it. The brush may vary with the material of rug used. This can be done monthly, once at home and weekly once in office for a better look.

ii.Rugs generally flip around at the edges and make the rug spoil too soon than its normal life span. This can be avoided by using a rug pad. This will help the rug stuck on to one place. The rug can be firmly held to the floor. This also prevents the insect invasion.

iii.If pet animals are there in the home, then it will be a difficult time managing rug cleaning. In this case white vinegar or baking soda can be diluted with water and be used to cleanse that particular area where the animal has urinated. This will prevent the urine becoming stain and also does not leave a pungent smell on the rug.

iv.Do not rely on the carpet shampoos or sprays as sometimes it may lead to the destruction of the quality of the rugs. Rug cleaning services can be queried for such things and the products recommended by them can be used.

v.It is always a good idea to put the rug under the sun to remove any smell off it. But it is not good to put your rugs in direct sun for longer periods as it would degrade the color of the rug.

vi.For any spills just take a wet cloth and try to gently blot on the area instead of wiping or scrubbing it with the normal cloths. Blotting helps in preventing the stain to other nearby areas.

vii.In case if you do not find extra time for all this, you can hire the professional services such as Oriental rug cleaning which can efficiently help you save time and money.