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I have a cool track in SCREEN from D.A. Sebasstian at Go-Kustom. He's a film maker, writer, musician. A cool guy who has been a great supporter of my work over the years. Go-Kustom is the brand name that covers all his work. 

We connected online about three years ago, just after he bought my film MISSION X. He also kindly done a screening of MISSION X in Seattle. I used his track during a scene where the girls drive around in the muscle car. If you're into Hot Rods and the Kustom Kulture, check out his indiegogo campaign for Rats & Gassers

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Screen will be released on Vimeo On Demand on the 15th December. From this weekend, I will be releasing daily pics, videos, and interviews about Screen. A new trailer is also being cut. 

Previews for reviewers will be one week before the release. If you want to see it, review it, send me the link to your website, blog at (Early previews only for reviewers or horror sites that will do a piece on it) 

If Screen builds an audience via Vimeo On Demand, there will be a prequel and sequel. It stands as a single story, but it was also written with three stories in mind. Which are already written in treatment form. 

NICOLE ALONSO as LOLA in SCREEN @nicolemalonso
Nicole Alonso. Lola in SCREEN. I became friends with Nikki and her boyfriend Oklahoma Ward after connecting online a couple of years ago. Oklahoma then offered me a role in his horror movie CRAWL BITCH CRAWL. This led to the idea of me going there to make my film SCREEN.

All through this process, I never even thought of Nikki for Lola. Simply because I never make casting decisions because of friendships or just because I know somebody. I am very strict with myself that way. But then I saw Nikki on two videos online. One was a brief audition video, and the other was The Battle Of Tinker. 

As soon as I saw her on that video, I wanted to cast her as Lola. And I'm glad I did, because she is great in SCREEN with Leslie. She also plays the lead (TANK) in CRAWL BITCH CRAWL, which is such a different role from Lola. That's what I love about her as an actress. Her versatility. She also sings and writes music. 

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The Firebird from SCREEN. Me and the two actresses Nicole Alonso and Leslie Andrews drove around in this cool vehicle in Oklahoma. I shot with a canon 5D. No air conditioner in 110 degrees.

I have to be honest, it was like driving around in a cooker! You could have baked a pizza in there! We looked cool, but were weren't cool! However, it was so great to have this sexy looking firebird for the film. Thanks to Oklahoma Ward's friend Mike Fry. 

Two sexy gals, a hot firebird, death and mayhem horror at a drive-in! What the fuck more do you want!

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I shot SCREEN at this drive-in just outside Tulsa. (Cleveland) It had been closed for over 15 years, so it was perfect for the story I had. It still had the projector, reels of film, and a flyer for "Jurassic Park"

We actually stayed here the friday night before the shoot. Several of us were in a moter-home that was parked in front of the Screen. I stayed up all night going through my scenes, then realised, this is impossible to shoot everything I need in one day. 

However, I just got on with it and got it done. Anything is doable if you want it bad enough. I managed to get here all the way from Scotland to Oklahoma, so there's no way I wasn't shooting this movie. SUBSCRIBE TO "SCREEN" MAIL LIST for release dates, exclusive news.

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My original plan for SCREEN was to have around 50 spin off videos from phones. This phone footage was picked up by the CSI the next morning. These would then be used as micro trailers to help promote the mystery around the main film.

However, these were planned for the $1m budget version of SCREEN that I had and lost. Between the complete lack of any budget, time, and heat in Oklahoma, the spin off video ideas had to go. Only this rough test survived with Torey Byrne. 

She was great, because she got about 5 mins prep for this scene. She turned on the distress like a tap! It was meant to be a live video plea for help on the web, after the screen knocked out all the phone signals. 

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