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A restaurant in Makassar offers the sensation of eating a meal while enjoying the beautiful view of the city from a height of Makassar.
From a height of 20 floors, we offer 360-degree views of Makassar city and long beach Losari line in our new restaurant, On20 Bar and Dining," said Communications Manager Maureen Keizia Aston Hotel in Makassar, Wednesday.

Every visitor who comes, go Keizia, will be greeted with amazing views of the Celebes Sea and the Makassar city.

Restaurant menyasar consumers aged over 18 years of this, he said, has a capacity of 170 people and is designed as a place to relax and dine comfortable.

Keizia said as the city is now rapidly expanding, the need for resep batagor bandung ikan tenggiri Central community will experience the culinary concept of comfort and quality is also higher.

"This need that we are trying to fill with the presence of this restaurant," he said.

On20 Bar and Dining, said Keizia, offering resep daging sapi bening a range of culinary "western food" with a relatively affordable price.

"The price range between Rp25 thousand to Rp250 thousands, including relatively affordable for young professionals of Makassar," he said.

Restaurants require patrons dress smartly, will be formally opened on October 17, upcoming.

It is not easy to make a steamed sponge cake into a blooming and pretty. But it's not too hard if you already know how and the secret. Bolu kukus with attractive appearance is certainly going to attract more people to taste it. This could be one of Your home-based business, too, you know.

So, how to make steamed sponge is not bantat and can bloom with resep bubur sumsum bayi beautiful, here's how you can refer to the following:

Don't wear liquid soda quality is bad, that has long been opened. We recommend that you choose a soda that has never been in the refrigerator, too, in order to make steamed sponge You maximum bloom.
Buy the egg and sugar beaten wear maximum speed mixer. If you have new expands, put the flour little by little.
Use the mold steamed sponge

hollow, so that hot steam make bolu bloom properly.
Give the fabric as the lining of absorbing moisture resep lidah kucing keju in the lid steamer. This prevents water dripping on top of cookie dough is steamed.
In the initial process, do not open the lid of the pan. This will make the sponge that is being inflated, deflated again. Open the lid if the steaming time is past, for example 30 minutes new open the lid of your steamer.

Some way above you can practise to gain maximum results bolu kukus blooms. Good luck at home.

About a hundred people filled Resto Pecak Cork, Jalan Jaya Aria Sentika, Village Wells Pacing, Karawaci, Tangerang, on Saturday, October 4, 2014. They split in some family groups, couples, lovers and friends gang. The visitors chose sit on wooden chairs made from wooden oval in bermeja joglo House or cross-legged on a bamboo thatch-roofed saung. Tangerang tends to be hot air into the cool breezy wind gust in the land with garden 1 acre of it. Since entering the House eat typical Betawi belonging to Haji Mahdi Tubagus Adiansyah, the visitors already were treated to tantalizing aroma of fish frying and seasoning pecak Cork. Manager of Resto Pecak Cork Wiwid Surahmat says the scientific name of the fish Channa striata was retrieved from the seekers of the fish in the river and swamp scattered in Tangerang and Lampung. As for bumbunya is a mix of sour kandis salam, galangal, lime leaves, turmeric, ginger, Lemongrass, leaves, red onion, and chili. "There is also the green tomatoes, star fruit, vegetable and basil leaves," said Wieid. In addition to the flagship menu resep roti goreng isi coklat leleh pecak Cork, said he, resto that was founded December 2012 that provides food Companion. The companion whom food gecok fish, the heart of banana head snapper, sauteed plantain cubes, cah kangkung belacan, tomyam and young coconut. Fresh tea, among others, his drink, juice, beer and pletok. That is why, despite its culinary cuisine resep pepes tahu udang rebon tastes Betawi, visitors came from different tribes. "It's acceptable and not the Betawi people are Rare," said visitor resto, Tigaraksa, citizen Ciptadi. Hajj Tubagus Mahdi Xeniagreekmuslimah said himself open resto with an icon of this Cork were derived from fish kegusarannya while watching the

increasingly rare specialities vanished. "If there is a sell pecak Cork, it was not typical of the Betawi, no artificial enyak as enjoyable as mine, Hajah Ayuni Kimung," said Mahdi. Because of that, former members of the DPRD Kota Tangerang was intent on preserving the culinary delights of the Betawi by opening restaurants. Mahdi was juggling his garden into a Resto Pecak Cork. According to Mahdi, the ancestral heritage pecak Cork ancestors Betawi people who live in the marshy lowlands and rivers that the water is

receding, although never in the dry season. One of the river is a river of Cisadane. Socialite Canada aged 53 years that recalls his childhood as fond of looking for fish with friends on kalenan, rivers, and swamps. "Normally, we can fish, especially Cork," he said. Predatory fish whose head resembles the head of the snake was burned in the fire and kitchen spices pecak. "If there's any encang, encing, or close relatives, family dishes into the Cork pecak," Mahdi said.

It's a decent Culinary Dicicpi in Kilkenny

For the bobotoh who will depart to resep kue pukis bandung Palembang to witness the games semifinals Persib Bandung cons Arema Indonesia, Tuesday (2/11/2014) to come, there is no harm if you take the time to tour the culinary. While in Palembang, the use opportunity to sample some of the food besides pempek. There are a few decent Palembang specialties tasting. Among them:

Mie Celor

Mie celor from Palembang, SouthSumatra which means noodles that are brewed. This refers to the noodle processing instead of boiled, but rather is cooked in a way brewed with hot resep pastel goreng renyah dan enak water. The purpose of the processing of noodles in a way that is brewed taste of noodles tasted rubbery, steady contains, not mushy like other noodle stew. Mie celor served in coconut milk and broth mixture ebi (dried shrimp), mixed with bean sprouts and served with sliced boiled eggs. In addition to mie celor also comes with a sprinkling of sliced celery, scallions and fried shallots Gravy with the resulting taste is thick, soft, juicy and colorful kemerah mudaan. Savory shrimp flavor mix with the scent of fried onions add to very strong-tasting noodles celor khasan.


This food is also one of the specialties of Palembang. The Model consists of two kinds of fish models and models of grain. Model of grain only made from wheat flour dough that is fried and served with hot models. While fish Model is basically made of the same dough pempek submarines. Things which distinguish the model fish and pempek dough model of submarine was made from flour and tapioca was fish stuffed with fried tofu. Model served complete with gravy made from the decoction of model shrimp broth. As a complement and flavor enhancer, a model is presented with a mixture of glass noodles or vermicelli, cucumbers, dried cloud ear fungus, fried onions and of course. Some people also add a bit of vinegar gravy on dressing models for a delicious flavour and scrumptious.


The food of this one no less yummy with typical meals of Palembang, etc. Still the same as pempek and also models, tekwan is also made from fish, but the fish batter of processing in mixed with flour, tapioca flour and sago instead such as pempek and model in the making. Tekwan small round shaped dough and served with gravy or broth-based stew using shrimp. As a complement, the tekwan vermicelli and served along with glass noodles, sliced mushrooms, sliced broken bengkoang, and equipped with a sprinkling of chives, chervil and fried onions.

Martabak Har

Martabak is different from the usual murtabak are found in Bandung. HAR is initials of the franchise owners namely Haji Abdul Rozak. He was a descendant of Palembang India merchants married native women Palembang. Martabak HAR native Kilkenny has a unique skin krispi with stuffing a very simple form of 2 eggs chicken or duck, in contrast to typical martabak India contained various stuffing murtabak and not just mere eggs.

As for the gravy karinya, martabak HAR have gravy curries are tailored to the local community of Palembang, where the tongue gravy Curry was created not too thick, with a scent that is not too strong and not too strong taste like curry gravy India native. As a complement, the curry sauce they come with slices of potato and mutton. Savory, crisp taste sensations, and sour-spicy martabak HAR truly mouth-watering.

Have never had savory and delicious range? This is also often referred to as society burasa Bugis or Macassar. In addition it is consumed so only, range is also often used as friends packed coto Makassar or food typical of other South Sulawesi.

could be said the typical Bugis lontong is a range, for he is indeed made from rice. Distinguishing range with lontong is a mixture of coconut milk is added to the range.

Range is also wrapped with banana leaves, but the shape is rectangular, not rounded like long rice cake. This makes the typical food of all, size fitting to eaten and exercised.resep cireng crispy ncc

f the feast Eid al-Fitr or Eid Qurban arrived, certainly every home provides a range in their dinner table to greet his guest, or eaten by the family.

How to make a range not much different from the rice cake. It's resep bakwan jagung dapur umami just that, prepare coconut milk with spices such as salt and bay leaf. Boil until boiling, turn off the heat and stir in the rice which has been washed clean.

Let the rice soak up to santannya, then wrap with banana leaves young like making nagasari. Tie two pieces of rope with Raphia range, then steamed range up to 1 hour. Well, the range of typical burasa or Bugis is ripe and ready to be enjoyed with family and guests.

Packed range along with the chicken dish such as Curry, coto Makassar, and other family favorites. Good luck.

Did you know that a drink such as Apple juice and fat-free yogurt is said and well turned out to be just as bad with a fizzy drink?

A survey found, a glass of Apple Juice contain spoons of sugar, just like three servings of doughnuts Krispy Kreme. While fat-free yoghurt containing sugar with a rate equal to a portion of ice cream.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that sugar intake to no more than six scoops per day. When in the day we just consumed a glass of Apple juice, and sugar into the body's excess. Maybe trim will come by, but you are at risk of diabetes.

Fatalnya, Apple juice and fat-free yogurt resep rendang padang pariaman called often given to her by the mother to the school lunchbox. They do not realize, too much sugar can cause permanent damage.

If it is like this, then the parents

should start to be vigilant. Therefore, excess sugar can increase the risk of heart disease and type two diabetes, the doubling of the usual. Excess sugar can also cause tooth decay causing resep es buah segar toothless in children.

Chief Medical Officer from London, United Kingdom, Sally Davies, asking parents to keep sugar intake in children is no more than six scoops. This is a major key in order for kids to avoid obesity, heart disease, and other serious diseases.

As quoted from the Daily Mail, Wednesday (29/10/2014), Sally was also told that the stigma against bad drinks must be immediately changed. During this time, most of the parents just assume that Coca Cola, Pepsi, soda and other beverages high in sugar which should be avoided. In fact, a glass of Apple juice which is considered healthy even once, no other unhealthy drinks will look.

There are numerous condiment recipes found in resep empek empek kapal selam super enak Indonesia. Ranging from shrimp paste, sambal sambal sauce, mushrooms, and so on following the creativity of the maker. Sometimes the sauce more delicious when blending two recipes. For example, tomato sambal terasi recipes to be pared way making it in this paper.

How to make tomato sambal terasi is very easy. The material is very easily obtainable in the traditional market. Sambal is suitable for accompanying a meal with chicken rice, nasi, tempe, and resep tumis kangkung ala restoran various other major food. Let's see how to process


Red tomatoes 1 piece
Shrimp paste to taste
Red onion, 2 rounds
Cayenne pepper to taste
Lime juice, 1/2 teaspoon
Granulated sugar to taste
Salt to taste
Cooking oil

How to make:

FRY all the ingredients except the lemon juice and salt until it looks a bit wilted. Use very little cooking oil to avoid oily texture.
Pick up and drop into ulekan.
Ulek all ingredients until soft, then add the lime juice and salt to taste

Tomato Sambal terasi better served not too soft or liquid. But if you want a very soft texture, process pengulekan may be substituted by including material that has been fried into the bender.

Have goals as a successful entrepreneur always has a small lead of Muhammad Syakir incarnated as a manufacturer of powdered cold beverages that are popular in the community. Career as an entrepreneur must pass through various failures of various businesses he has run before.

In fact, she had a SIP of the profession as a journalist for the past eight years, due to the business that he's run failed to take her

on a financial success.

However, the entrepreneurial spirit that he had managed to take him to get back in the business world. Armed with hard work and never despair, Syakir success building a business empire by having his own

called CV Jakarta Powder Drink starting in 2012. resep minuman segar dan murah This company produces various powdered drink that was used to make the drinks cold or hot for restaurants, cafes, needs to drink vendors on the side of the road.

Call it a couple of products that use its products like iced cappucino bubble, grass jelly, and the like. Powdered drinks in production at its plant consists of a chocolate drink powder, coffee powder and its derivatives, apply the tea, powdered drinks and fruit flavors. Total flavor powdered drink as many as 34 flavors.

Current CV Jakarta Powder Drink already has a distribution network resep bakpao isi daging ayam kampung to all over Indonesia with total production up to 6 tons of powder in a month. Although the manufacturer has not at this time of great industry, but his products are distributed to restaurants and eating houses throughout Indonesia.

Plant for the production are located in Pondok Cabe, Singapore which is also a place of residence. In the production process, Syakir, assisted by three employees who run three production machines. Daily production reached 200 kilograms (kg) of powdered drinks. Syakir himself is in charge of determining the savory recipe for the powder and doing marketing.

The products she sold in the form of packaging are offering large size priced at Rp 60,000 to Rp 70,000 per kg. Indeed, Syakir menyasar wholesale buyers. He sold to distributors in the form of a large party that was later sold to business owners bubble tea, cappucino cincau, restaurant, or hotel.

With sales of at least 6 tonnes of powder per month, Syakir could in a month got a turnover to Rp 300 million. If the sale was crowded, its business turnover could reach $ 500 million per month. Bugis man who completed studies in the Department of communication studies at the University of Ibnu Chaldun, Jakarta said, sales for this past semester high escalated. "Although competition with new entrants more strictly, I always keep the quality that customers stay afloat," he said.

Syakir has had a branch distributor in 10 major cities like Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, Tangerang and Bogor. In the near future he will open a branch distribution in four other cities in Padang, Solo, Samarida, and Terrain

Drink cherry juice could help thousands of patients with gout or gout. Research reveals a cherry juice contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, thus helping pull out the excess uric acid from the body in just a few hours. Citing the dailymail, gout is a painful condition that affects one of the 14 men and one woman of 35 in the United Kingdom. The

disease occurs when excess uric acid crystallizes in the joints, especially the toes. Now Northumbria University study shows drinking cherry concentrate, Montmorency, which has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants can help excess uric acid from the body in just a few hours. Drinking only 30 ml of the concentrate with water twice a day to lower blood uric acid levels and inflammation. Experts said the research was interesting as the first step to help patients relieve the condition through diet. Current treatment options include maintaining the thrust of resep pie susu keju the affected joints, use of compresses of ice during the attack, and taking anti-inflammatory drugs. In extreme cases, patients using corticosteroids. However, like all drugs, it carries a risk of side effects including heart and stomach problems, especially when used for a long time. The drug inhibits the formation of uric acid crystals are also prescribed, but only in extreme circumstances with side effects can be severe. Some foods high in purin, natural chemicals are broken down into uric acid by the body. Avoid eating food is a type of fish oil can help reduce the risk of gout attacks. Foods containing yeast or meat extracts are also resep dadar gulung polkadot high purin.

However, this is the first time an active food to avoid the disease, Dr. Glynn Howatson, who led the research, said, "the study clearly shows lowered uric acid after ingestion of Montmorency cherry juice concentrate. Perhaps most importantly, only a relatively small amount required to bring the uric acid-lowering effects of positive. " In a study released in the Journal of Functional Foods, 12 volunteers were given the brand cherry Montmorency: CherryActive concentrate, which is mixed with 100 ml of water twice a day. Over the next few days, their blood and urine tested for markers of inflammation and uric acid before and after taking the supplement cherry. Researchers found when the participants drank CherryActive, it acts as a catalyst for the body to eliminate excess uric acid through urine

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