This is my Liberty Generator Review. Liberty Generator was created as a remedy to the problem of huge electricity bills that are constantly increasing even higher. There was a need to discover a cost efficient way that we can use to power our houses and be energy independent that wouldn't cost a whole lot of money and that wouldn't be difficult to build. 

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Three months ago a survivalist buddy of mine (just as avid as I am) insisted I paid him a trip to see his latest "work".

The following day I was so interested, I drove to his home. He directed me to his back yard and showed me a fairly odd-looking hut that deposited "the center of the entire home". It was a generator. More exactly, it was the DO-IT-YOURSELF Liberty Generator.

Imagine how cynical I was when I heard he purchased a DIY generator online, assembled it at home, turned it on... and observed it work-like it's probably the easiest thing on earth. I was sitting there, considering it working...and I still couldn't think it.

So I purchased Liberty Generator myself. And today I need to share my experience with you as well as tell you just how it restored my confidence in affordable, DO-IT-YOURSELF green-energy.

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Everything you need to know is there and is worth every penny. 

  • it generates less co2 than any other normal energies
  • it reduces imported fossil fuel dependency
  • it creates energetic independency
  • it reduces smells
  • it helps you make savings
  • it minimizes germs through hygienization
Additionally, it may be used for heat equipment and it might probably even replace current combustible.

Bottom line: Amazingly, Liberty Generator exceeded my expectations like no other product. I was so used to being scammed that I'm still in shock this one actually works.

The thing I enjoy the most about it is that it doesn't cost a thing to keep it functioning. You simply collect some leaves, some grass and maybe some leftovers (although I noticed some folks only "feed" it leftovers and it still works) and you may certainly keep it running for so long as you need to.

I wholeheartedly recommend you to GET Liberty Generator, scale it to the size that's most suitable to you personally and watch for the results. I'm really curious to hear about your experience with it, so please share it with us.