RebelMouse’s visual display, automatic updates and sharing functions make it a great platform to showcase your Etsy listings! 

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Get your own RebelMouse at
  2. Add your shop feed: Go into your Dashboard’s Content & Feeds tab and add your Etsy shop’s RSS feed, which can be generated by adding “/rss” to your shop’s URL. One this is connected, your Etsy listings will automatically be sent to your RebelMouse page each time a new one is created. 
  3. Freeze great items: Using the Freeze post function, you can keep an important listing in a prominent position, increasing its visibility and traffic for an extended period of time. 
  4. Share your products: Take advantage of the Share button! It allows you to cross-promote your posts on Twitter or Google+. Sometimes it helps to not put all your content in just one basket and diversify the efforts on other sites by sharing. 
  5. Play around with the copy when sharing - Sometimes the same items get varying clicks/attention from your followers when you play around with the copy, so once they're published on RebelMouse, it's also good to tweet about it or share it on other social networks in order to test which type of messaging will get you the most interaction.  
  6. Add any listing: You can use the Post It button while in an Etsy shop to send a listing to your RebelMouse page, Facebook and Twitter.
  7. Promote your RebelMouse: You can put your Etsy shop URL in your RebelMouse bio, and also add your RebelMouse URL to your Twitter bio and email signature. 
  8. Embed RebelMouse on your blog - Do you have a blog where you could embed RebelMouse? Embedding RebelMouse on your site or the side bar helps increase the over-all time spent on your site and promote content recirculation thus more chances of getting more traffic to your Etsy shop.

Many Etsy users have started using RebelMouse, and they’ve developed a thriving group at the Etsy community forum, where they discuss strategies and promote each other’s shops. 

Mario Medina, Turista Clothing Etsy shop owner wrote:

I'm stoked that our Etsy shop traffic has increased since we embedded RebelMouse on our site. It's definitely an awesome tool to get your products out there, and build an extended community that transcends Etsy.

Here are other great examples of Etsy users promoting their shops with RebelMouse:

Once your RebelMouse page is set up to display your Etsy listings, you can embed it on your website to further promote your shop. Here’s our guide on how to embed on different types of sites:
How to Embed RebelMouse on a Website

We’d love to hear which strategies have worked best for you -- send all feedback and questions to!