Welcome back to the RebelMouse weekend roundup! 

We quickly set up rebelmouse.com/RebelNFL to curate real-time coverage of the AFC and NFC Championship games. Tweet with #RebelNFL to join in!  

Rebel of the Week
AccuWeather was our Rebel of the Week! Check out their RebelMouse for breaking weather news from around the world.

TechFaster interview
Our founder Paul Berry chatted about RebelMouse with TechFaster -- check it out! We’re also on their list of Top Tech Startups, and need your help to shoot to the top! Head here to cast your ballot.

Power your homepage with RebelMouse
Tim Rohe wrote an awesome post on why he’s powering his homepage with RebelMouse -- check it out and let us know if you’d like any help making the move!

NowThis News: NowWith more RebelMouse!
This week NowThisNews.com added four new RebelMouse-powered sections. We’re releasing a new format very soon that will allow you to create a similar look on your site -- stay tuned!