Welcome back to our weekend roundup of all things RebelMouse! 

Invite admins
We added a new feature that lets you add an admin to your RebelMouse page. Now you can easily invite someone to help you edit and create new content.
Embed on Facebook
We made a quick guide on how to embed your RebelMouse page on a Facebook tab. Check out our new tab to see an example. 

Rebel of the Week
David Baker was our Rebel of the Week! He’s using a custom designed RebelMouse page to promote his upcoming film series. Changes like this can be made by editing the CSS in your dashboard’s Design tab.

Vote RebelMouse! 
Voting for Mashable’s Innovation Index ends on the 10th, and we’d be honored if you voted for us! Head to the Media section at the top of the page if you’d like to cast a ballot.