The evening of Wednesday the 19th, we got a tweet from Drew Olanoff, the community director at TechCrunch, asking us to get in touch. A quick chat later and we were on the way to launching, TechCrunch’s new hub for all things social, powered by RebelMouse. 

CrunchScroll was announced on TechCrunch Friday early afternoon, less than two days from our first chat about the concept.
TechCrunch, and Drew in particular, was an amazing partner, allowing us to move quickly and putting all the work on our side so he could handle his busy job. It’s exactly what we’re here to do, making the open web more beautiful and bringing together the efforts you put in social and community. 

Building incredible websites in hours is actually possible now. While we intend to charge $12/month for powered domains later, that cost is nothing compared to the impact it can make for yourself or your company. 

So we’re calling first all social media editors, community directors and anyone with a great social presence they want to showcase. Bring us your problem, and then announce your solution in record time. Impress your boss, highlight your community and the only effort required will be the savvy to have known about us early. 

So check out and create your own site, for yourself and for your company and then ping us with where you’d like to see it on your domain! 

All you have to do is email us at and we’ll walk you through it or can even do it for you.