We recently received this question from a user:

“I got on early with RebelMouse and love it. Gary Vaynerchuk is who I took the advice from and he said it would probably be really good to be on early. I am wondering what he would mean by that... what could I do to enhance my position or engagement by being on early?”
We thought this seemed like a question worth answering more broadly. Beyond the simple fact that you’ll be able to talk about knowing us back in the early days, here are some concrete ways getting on early can help you:

  • We’ll help you create a beautiful site and/or blog. RebelMouse can make your site dynamic and social. For early users, we’ll even go as far as doing it for you if you have any trouble. For more info about what that’d be like, check out this post from Drew at TechCrunch and this one from Ben Parr.
  • We feature great use cases. We love sharing great examples and uses of RebelMouse, so by being on early you have an increased chance of us marketing you for free :) If you think you’ve done something cool with RebelMouse that we should feature, email us at early@rebelmouse.com.
  • Get your ideal username. Now’s a good time to get the username you want for yourself AND your company. It’s easy to sign up multiple sites to get both.
  • Help others find you on RebelMouse. We have a “Following on RebelMouse” module that shows those you follow on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram that are also on RebelMouse. We’ll soon be releasing a feature to let you see all the content from these people and you’ll be in this content stream. Those who follow you will have a higher chance of seeing (and sharing) your content.
  • Get the features you want. We listen very carefully to user suggestions and feedback and many of those things end up being added to the product. If there’s something you want to make RebelMouse the perfect platform for you, just let us know (early@rebelmouse.com)!
  • Ask us for advice. Just as this user did, now’s a great time to step up and ask us questions about how best to use the product for you, your company, your industry... just about anything.

We have amazing early users that we love getting thoughts and feedback from, so please let us know if we missed anything!