Organize your content into a front page for any topic or concept with Sections! It adds a top navigation bar as well as a way to easily create and edit pages. Add a Section to make it easier for readers to browse between different topics you care about, link to your business's RebelMouse and generally build a more robust RebelMouse site.

The first time you see Sections we will suggest pages for you based on hashtags and @usernames you tend to mention on social. These are not meant to be final, you should consider combining tags together into one page, deleting any pages you don't need. If you click the pencil icon on the left you'll go into a menu where you can edit all of them.

By default, pages start out as visible only to you, and you can choose to mark them as public in settings. Just hit that checkbox in the Public column and you'll be good to go. 

You add several page types:

  • Page - This is a sub-page within your RebelMouse site and you can choose what content filters into it by using tags. For instance, you might create a sports page with only social updates you tag with #sports. 
  • RebelMouse Site - Link straight to another RebelMouse site -- maybe your business site or a friend's site. 
  • Any URL - Go ahead and add a link to your business site, store or anything else you'd like. 

A few tips for using tags:

  • Multiple tags - if you add multiple tags to your Rebel Page, it'll add content that has one of those tags (not both). Make sure the tags you use in your Sections match the tags of those in your posts / articles in order for them to display on your Sections. 
  • Don't create a page with no content - it'll look lame so choose tags you actually use. We suggest some that we noticed you use a lot on the bottom. 
  • Rename the page - By default we'll name the page exactly what the username or hashtag is, but we bet you can come up with a WAY BETTER name for it, go ahead and change it in your settings. 

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