We're pleased to have helped TIME power their Person of the Year social reactions page. We wanted to share how you could pull together a curated live-reaction page or event coverage using RebelMouse. Here's how to do it:

  1. Create a RebelMouse site for it. Sign up with a social handle and then choose if you'd like any tweets (i.e. yours) to go straight into the page or if you'd like to leave them off so you can curate it all. 
  2. Embed it on your page of choice. This is optional, you could decide to leave on RebelMouse, but TIME embedded it on their own page.
  3. Tell people about it! You'll want to promote on your channels and tell people how to get added to the page. In TIME's case, the best way is to tweet using #POY2012. 
  4. Add great content. Once you have people sharing you'll want to add that to the page. You can do this in a few ways:
    • Add by URL. You can do this for a tweet or any other type of content, just pop it into the Post box on the top of your RebelMouse page
    • Add with our bookmarklet. Pull our bookmarklet into your browser and add anything you like with that.
    • Choose from the drafts tab. You can set a certain hashtag or similar to go into your drafts and moderate from there. 

TIME also had a customized front page widget that we put together for them to go on their front page. We can offer that for top media partners like TIME who need a way to reach this from their front page. For many others, having the RebelMouse go on your front page may be the best solution. 

If you have any questions, shoot us a note at early@rebelmouse.com! Also if you do decide to curate a live event, debate or anything else let us know on Twitter or email so we can consider giving you a shout-out!