We've now made it even easier to add in your Pinterest and Tumblr into RebelMouse!

Just go into your Dashboard, click the Sites tab and you'll see the option to "Add Tumblr" and "Add Pinterest." Enter your username for the relevant service, click "Add" and you'll be all set.

If you need help finding your username:

1) For Pinterest, your page is located at Pinterest.com/username -- just fill in the "username" part in the box.
2) For Tumblr, your site is located at username.tumblr.com -- just fill in the "username" part in the box.

For those of you looking to share only specific Pinterest boards on your RebelMouse - or for anyone who wants to create a whole new RebelMouse site populated with only a certain Pinterest board's (or multiple boards') content - we have the perfect solution.

Find and copy the URL of the specific board you want to connect. For example, http://pinterest.com/melissaarlio/dream-home/

Replace the last '/' with '.rss' and then add this new URL to the 'Add RSS' section of the site to which you want to connect it. Click 'Add' and you're done! 

Keep in mind that it may take a few moments for your content to populate your RebelMouse site. Your specific Pinterest board will now feed directly to your RebelMouse, without cluttering your site with all of your pins. You can also create a whole new RebelMouse site to only showcase one or more of your Pinterest boards.

If you have any questions, you can always reach us at help@rebelmouse.com