Instagram is a favorite platform for many consumers, and brands are just now getting comfortable with the platform as a way to reach their consumers. 

To further integrate Instagram into your social media strategy, you can use RebelMouse to easily build a beautiful and dynamic site around your Instagram photos. You can use this site to display your brand’s photos, or to showcase and keep track of submissions in a contest using a hashtag. 

Adding Instagram to your RebelMouse is an awesome way to bring in great photos to your site! You have a few options:

  • Connect your account and you we'll add your photos. We'll also put photos you like on Instagram into your drafts so you can choose to share them as well.
  • Add any username to pull in their Instagram photos
  • You can also filter any Instagram account to only bring items in from a certain hashtag.
  • You can bring everything in from a hashtag on Instagram
We invite you to brainstorm ideas on how you can use RebelMouse for your strategy and campaigns. Email us at