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Layout & Design Tool: NEW! CSS Option

We style and design a lot of sites daily, so our Layout & Design tool is truly our best friend for the task.

But what we've noticed is that sometimes it's easier to quickly code a set of CSS properties and values in a string, rather than having to click through them in the WYSIWYG design editor.

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NEW! Suggested Tags from Sections

We understand how vital the usage of tags and sections are to properly categorizing your content. We also recognize that sometimes writers — in their rush to publish an article — might overlook some tags. That's why we're rolling out the Suggested Tags from Sections update.

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Discovery: Setting it up for the first time

This document will walk you through the steps required to configure your Discovery dashboard, and integrate the platform's outreach tools into your team's regular workflow.

go to Navigate the Discovery Dashboard before reading this document.


Technical setup of Discovery requires this easy steps:

1) Connect Your Social Accounts

You have to be logged you'll be able to connect your respective Facebook and Twitter account(s) within the Settings.

Note: Please ensure that you have admin or editor-level permissions when connecting social accounts, as RebelMouse requires "write" permissions.

2) Authenticate Your Email Address

Next, we'll authenticate an email address for email outreach. Please let your Account Manager know which email address you'd like to use, and RebelMouse will send out a verification email to that respective address.

On the RebelMouse end, we add the email address in Django admin page >> Add Discovery Email. Please ask your Account Manager to assist you finalizing this step.

We'll send an email to your inbox. Please complete the email verification process.

Tip: Please note that this email address will be used as the default email address when sending outreach emails to prospective social partners.

3) Redirect to the Social Networks

When you start connecting accounts, you'll get redirected to different social networks where you'll be asked to allow access.

Please grant it and say 'yes' to connecting.

Once that is accepted, you'll get a prompt to choose which page to connect:

Choose the right page from the dropdown, click on 'permissions check'

and you're done!

NEW! Terms of Service Checkbox

For those of you who have community signups enabled, we understand how important it is to both be compliant with rules and regulations, and make sure all legal matters concerning published content are taken into account when creating sites.

With that in mind, we've added the option to include a Terms of Services checkbox upon user signup, so that it's a requirement to accept your policy before creating an account on your site.

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NEW! Publish Button Upgrade

We're happy to announce a small but significant design change to the interface within our CMS: We've upgraded the Publish button!

Your editorial team is certainly familiar with the previous version:

So we wanted to make sure to give you a clear explanation for the change that you can share with your colleagues.

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New! Multiple Conditional Content Element for Layout Creation

If you're familiar with our Layout & Design tool, then you know it's comprised of columns, rows, and different sets of elements that can be nested inside each other. There are also Conditional Content elements, which allow you to set IF statements that display elements based on conditions you define.

For example:

IF the site is rendering on mobile, show four posts.
IF the site is rendering on desktop, show eight posts.

We've now upgraded this feature to make it even more comprehensive:

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