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New: Easily Remove Users + Transfer Content

We subscribe to the idea that we live in a universe filled with creators. With that said, not all creators are created equal, and sometimes they move on after a while. That's why we want to make sure our site administrators have complete control over who has access to their RebelMouse pages. We've launched a new user interface within our users dashboard that allows you to efficiently remove authors from your site. And during this process, you can also reallocate posts from one user to another in bulk. Here's a look at how it all works.

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A Look Inside the Only Creative Agency Powered by Deep Technology

Strategic development of product that supports content distribution, conversion, and loyalty.

RebelMouse is a creative agency fueled by a publishing platform with deep technology. Our expertise is rooted in media and content marketing because there is no other team that understands distributive publishing better than we do. There is also no other CMS on the market today that provides content creators with the tools they need to unlock sustainable growth backed by sticky monetization methods. RebelMouse blends product and strategy together to move the needle where it matters most — organic traffic and user growth, conversion to loyalty, and revenue growth.

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NEW: RebelMouse Native Comments with Notifications

Content creation is never static. To build an audience, it's important to ensure that your content is not only dynamic, but sparks a conversation.

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Introducing New and Dynamic Styles in Particle Assembler

Content creators are the lifeblood of your web property and their time is precious. That's why at RebelMouse we're always looking to enhance the ways creators can shape their content into dynamic and engaging media.

Our Particle Assembler is an intuitive way to create stunning dev-free designs in just a few clicks. And now Assembler has more styles to make your content pop.

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Try This New Video Preview on Facebook Instant Articles

UPDATE: Facebook has temporarily stopped the autoplay of video previews on Instant Articles, but may revive the function later. Users can continue to add videos as a preview, and it is still a great tool to improve performance on your Instant Articles. Happy posting!

There's a new function for Facebook Instant Articles that shows a video preview on mobile. The option has been successful for some of our clients at RebelMouse, and we want you to give it a try too!

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Updates: Particle Assembler 2.0 Launches, Annotations + More

It's the end of September 2018, and we've enabled three new key features across our platform. Check them out below!

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New Useful Feature: Getty Images Integration Comes to RebelMouse

If you use Getty Images, you can now easily search for and upload images directly within the RebelMouse Entry Editor. Moreover, we have split the search in two: Getty Editorial and Getty Creative.

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How to Fix the Post Preview Bug Due to Connatix Video Ads

Some users have reported that when previewing a post in the Entry Editor with a Connatix video ad embedded, the video takes over the entire screen like in the following example:

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Deactivating UTM Params for Google Analytics

In all our sites, by default, we pass UTM params so you can easily track the performance of your Layout & Design tool A/B tests.
This can modify how the default groupings are shown in GA, so we understand if you want to disable this feature to customize the data is output.

The values we pass are:

UTM Source: RebelMouse

UTM Medium: RebelMouse Website

      if(utmCampaignData) {
         utmCampaignData['campaignSource'] = utmCampaignData['campaignSource'] || 'RebelMouse';
         utmCampaignData['campaignMedium'] = utmCampaignData['campaignMedium'] || 'RebelMouse Website';
      if(utmCampaignData) {
          ga('set', 'campaignName', utmCampaignData.campaignName);
          ga('set', 'campaignSource', utmCampaignData.campaignSource);
          ga('set', 'campaignMedium', utmCampaignData.campaignMedium);

Please contact your Account Manager if you'd like this feature to be deactivated.

NEW! End of Summer 2018 Product Updates

It's almost the end of summer 2018 and we have some awesome product updates to announce! Here's what's new: scheduling posts to be unpublished, a copyright option for Facebook Instant Articles, Keywee and integrations for Facebook Instant Articles, parent/child relationships for sections in the dashboard, a scheduled filter for community-enabled dashboards, and a Google Search Console integration for the Entry Editor. There's a lot to unpack here, we know! So continue on below for more details on each announcement.

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SEO Tool: Set Your Site Language

The RebelMouse team has developed a new feature that lets you set a default language for your site.

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NEW! Facebook Disconnection Warning in the Entry Editor

Since Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has apparently set their token connection to last a much shorter lifespan, and so they are dropped more frequently in order to force users to re-authenticate.

That's why today we're releasing a UI update to make it easier to spot invalidated tokens.

You will now see a small message in our Social Scheduling, Social Copy, and Discovery tabs when you have a disconnected token. With this new warning feature, you can easily connect again and avoid any issues with programmed posts.

Here, you can see the warning message under Social Scheduling:

Here is the the warning message under Discovery:

And here is what it looks like under Social Copy:

We have a very clear tutorial on how to reconnect your token and renew your permissions if they have been disconnected, you can find it here.

LIVE: New View Options in the Posts Dashboard

We've recently made some changes to the posts dashboard so you can quickly view and access more posts.

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August Is Here and Our New Product Updates Are 🔥

We've got dynamic image editing, custom fields, a brand new e-commerce solution, and more in our first August 2018 product updates. Check them out below.

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