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NEW! Newsletter Integration with WhatCounts

A new day comes with a new integration!

We have now included WhatCounts in our list of API integrations, making it easier and faster to program and send newsletters in a few clicks, no need to access your provider's dashboard.

We have 3 core functionalities that you can easily set up:
  • Daily Newsletter
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Breaking News Alert from the Entry Editor
Read the full set of features and and benefits here.

How to Add Google Forms to a Static Page

The easiest way to add forms to your RebelMouse site is to use Google Forms, which embeds right into the code of your page. Here's a step-by-step guide.

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Section Types Explained: Public, Unlisted, and Private

We've recently fixed the logic behind our Sections dashboard. We noticed that if you shared a specific article (e.g., gave somebody the direct URL to a post), the content would always be available — even if the post was located in a private section.

The idea has always been to keep the content behind private sections, well, truly private, and only available to the eyes of logged-in administrators. This ensures that you have content that's only visible to your editorial team or company staff, and that it's not crawled or indexed by Google.

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SSL Step-by-Step Instructions

This is a quick guide on how you can request a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate for your site. This step is necessary for launching secure sites.

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How to Add Ads.txt to Your Site

What Is Ads.txt?

Ads.txt stands for "Authorized Digital Sellers," and is a simple, flexible, and secure method that publishers and distributors can use to publicly declare the companies they authorize to sell their digital inventory. The mission of the ads.txt project is straightforward: increase transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem. You can find more information on ads.txt here.

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Create a Winning SEO Strategy with Related Articles

One of the staples of our Entry Editor is the ability to optimize your article for search while it's still in draft mode. You can customize the SEO headline, description, and even the URL slug of each post before it's published.

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Save Button Update

We talked to our users and asked them for feedback about our product updates. We really care about making this tool comfortable, simple to understand, and cohesive!

One of the key pieces of feedback that kept coming up was the position of the Save button. We had recently moved it inside the Publish dropdown menu, and that caused some fears of accidentally publishing a post while actually trying to save it.

That's why we've now moved it to the left of the Publish dropdown menu, and given it a very clear Material-UI icon:

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We're Upgrading the Add Media Bar UI

As we've been adding more and more cool integrations into our Add Media Bar, we realized that we had to revamp how the tabs for it work. It was starting to get crowded and harder to manage on mobile, especially.

Because we really do care about creators writing articles on the go, and how comfortable they are with the UI, here's the new look for the Add Media Bar:

Mobile Version

Desktop Version

Layout & Design Tool: NEW! CSS Option

We style and design a lot of sites daily, so our Layout & Design tool is truly our best friend for the task.

But what we've noticed is that sometimes it's easier to quickly code a set of CSS properties and values in a string, rather than having to click through them in the WYSIWYG design editor.

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NEW! Suggested Tags from Sections

We understand how vital the usage of tags and sections are to properly categorizing your content. We also recognize that sometimes writers — in their rush to publish an article — might overlook some tags. That's why we're rolling out the Suggested Tags from Sections update.

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Discovery: Setting it up for the first time

This document will walk you through the steps required to configure your Discovery dashboard, and integrate the platform's outreach tools into your team's regular workflow.

go to Navigate the Discovery Dashboard before reading this document.

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