Travel is a passion enjoyed by most The thrill of being in a new place and having the freedom to explore is what excites and motivates people to go out and see the world. There are so many places to take a trip and they all require extensive research. Planning that beach vacation to the Caribbean? Or the all familiar family trip to Disney World? We've all been there and its no surprise that the cost of travel rises every year With the wide variety of travel websites to use, one site comes out on top as superior: Priceline. Priceline is a well respected travel site that is used by millions of customers each year Anyone can go online and book anything from flights to a cruise. All of your travel needs are met on Priceline's easy to navigate website. To encourage business, Priceline releases promotion codes, more commonly called promo codes, that are virtual coupons redeemable by any customer.

These codes provide discounts relevant to your travel needs. All you have to do is find them. Finding a promo code for Priceline isn't very difficult. Just doing a simple google search like "Priceline promo codes" will bring up tons of promotions that will make your travel plans easier and more affordable. Each promo code has a specific expiration date which makes the code void on that day and the following days. The codes can include rebates on flights, discounts on car rentals, and anything relevant to travel. One current valid Priceline promo code gives up to 35% off for Budget car rentals.

The code is D479001. It expires on December 30, 2015. Just type the code into the bar that asks for promo codes when you're making your reservation and there you have it Instant discounts and more savings for your family. Saving that 35% off your car rental can offset steep theme park tickets or a character breakfast. Now your daughter will be able to meet Minnie Mouse while enjoying those Mickey waffles! Another valid promo code takes $15 of your flights. The code is H91. Although $15 might not sound like a ton of savings, every penny counts when your traveling with your family and it seems that EVERYTHING costs money on your trip. Even the bathrooms are a fee of 1 Euro ( at least in Paris). Promo codes don't have to be that complicated. Take a few moments to search for promo codes on Priceline and you'll be very happy you did so. Nobody hates to save money. Everyone loves it Bon Voyage!