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#vuc564 – MeetingMogul
An app that makes dialing into conference calls easier. MeetingMogul keeps you updated and organized with an automatically synced list of your upcoming calls and meetings. Features One Touch Conference Calls Collaborative Notes Sharing Lowest Cost Conference Calls Call Alerts All Events in One Place Meeting Summary on Fingertips Recording Notes Notify Participants
#VUC576 Part I – TADHack Paris Winners
This Friday 15th January we’ll have some TADHackers on #vuc576, Olivier Jeannel and Bart Uelen. Olivier Jeannel keynoted TADSummit in Lisbon in November with a impressive service, RogerVoice. He is on a mission to make the phone accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing people worldwide. Olivier will share his experience and advice on building and running […]
#vuc571 – FutureVideo Multi-Channel Video Recording
This week, we look at multi-camera, multi-channel video recording with Bob Cohen of Future Video. Bob’s last visit, an advance look at the V-Station HD, dates back to 2012. Shooting a multi-camera video production today is typically accomplished with separate independent recording devices—camcorders, DVRs, and audio recorders. Such projects are costly, complicated, and time/staff-intensive…daunting barriers […]
#vuc566 – Outernet
Thane Richard of Outernet joins us to explain this unusual project and the Lighthouse hardware. “The Outernet signal currently reaches 99% of Earth’s population with 1 GB/day of information. This capacity increases every few months and we have tested up to speeds of 25 Mb/sec.” “Just plug Lighthouse into a satellite dish, turn it on, […]
#vuc558 – Software-defined Radio
We’ve been playing with the technology since the VoIPathon last year (many of us way before then). What is SDR? “Software-defined radio (SDR) is a radio communication system where components that have been typically implemented in hardware (e.g. mixers, filters, amplifiers, modulators/demodulators, detectors, etc.) are instead implemented by means of software on a personal computer […]
#vuc569 – Aral Balkin of
Aral Balkan, founder and Lead Designer of, had this to say about technology, human rights, and democracy. “We’ve built a world where our everyday things track our every move, profile us, and exploit those profiles for monetary gain. A world with a wholly privatised public sphere. A world of malls, not parks. A corporatocracy, […]
#vuc565 – Oxford Flood Network
Ben Ward joins VUC to talk about the tasks Oxford Flood Network are facing, and how they’re accomplishing them using technologies like IoT. Unpredictable weather and urbanisation are causing ever more frequent floods in our rivers, watercourses and drainage systems. To understand this we need a new way of monitoring potential flooding. Low-cost wireless sensors […]
#VUC561 – Grandstream’s GVC3200 Enterprise Video Conference System
Earlier this year Grandstream Networks Inc. upped their game in the video conference space, launching the GVC3200, an enterprise video conference system. Friday, October 2nd Phil Bowers, Global Marketing Communications Manager for Grandstream Networks Inc. will join us to profile this new device. The GVC3200 is a potent and affordable solution built upon Android. The […]
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