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HBO Asia movie channels could soon be back in Thailand #thailand #hbo HBO Asia’s six movie channels are expected to resume for Thai audiences via a new broadcasting partner within the next month after TrueVisions decided to drop all feeds from the premium channel operator earlier this month.
Sapphire A Go Go on Soi 15 Walking Street is one of the top bars in town and they've just recruited a pal of the Rag, Andy P. (formerly of Crystal Club/Champagne/Malibu/Dollhouse), as manager. #pattaya #sapphiregogo Andy is well known in fun town and has his own following in the resident expat community. When we contacted him to confirm if the rumour was fact he modestly said, "It's true. I may not be the best but I'm in the top one." Cough, cough....... Anyway it looks like Sapphire are aiming to maintain their top ranking position with this appointment, a massive refurb of the bar and a staggering 90 girls to entertain you, Check it out.
Pattaya a foul boil on backside of Thailand #pattaya Rag - In many ways we are surprised this letter was printed in a national newspaper. Not because it's false news but because the writer has a fairly harsh view of just a small part of what Pattaya is about. It's also not the sort of publicity you want when trying to increase tourist numbers to Thailand. The writer was clearly offended by aging Europeans with Thai partners and we can only assume the writer doesn't think he'll lack for companionship in his dotage. And as somebody wise once said, "Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on." We'll drink to that. This place might have 'warts' but what can't be overlooked is Pattaya's contribution to harvesting tourist dollars. As long as that continues then so will Walking Street and so will overpopulation of the islands.
Winter is not coming to Thailand as TrueVisions will stop broadcasting HBO, Cinemax HBO, HBO Family, HBO Signature, HBO Hits, Red by HBO and Cinemax channels from Sunday. #thailand TrueVisions are expected to add replacement channels from Sony/Fox. StarWorld anyone? Internet TV maybe?
Pattaya Food Delivery | Prepared and Affordable Meals at your door.
One of the great things about Pattaya is you can eat well on any budget and you can eat just as well at home with food supplied by a number of delivery services. #pattaya #pattayameals When it comes to delivery services, in the Rag's humble opinion, there is one delivery service to rule them all and that's Pattaya Meals - Their food is delicious and delivered for free. The price on the menu is the price you pay and every tenth meal ordered is free. Tipping is at your discretion. We've had a number of meals from the menu and never once been disappointed. Home alone? Check 'em out..... sad b**t**d....
Quality drone vid of our second home, Thailand. #thailand Could be first home subject to visa renewals..., money....., not falling foul of the in-laws....., avoiding motor-cyke accidents...., avoiding angry lady-boys....., viagra not being banned...., avoiding tiny red chillis. Have we missed anything?
Pattaya Countdown moves to Naklua - Pattaya Mail
Pattaya Countdown moves to Naklua - #pattaya #countdown In deference to the mourning period for HM the late King, Pattaya City Hall created a lower-key version of the annual New Year’s Eve celebration, choosing to promote the traditional Naklua “walking street” market instead of a week-long music fest. The Director of the Tourism Promotion said there will be no organised New Year’s activities along Beach Road or at Bali Hai Pier and fireworks are banned citywide.
Two tables caught my eye this morning and both nearly gave me a heart attack. #thailand #gbp The first table shows the GBP/Baht exchange rate at 42.90. I thought it had to be an error till I got to a second exchange booth showing a rate of 42.80.... aaaaarghhhhh Reckon GBP has lost 20% of it's value in the last couple of months. Stock Market's booming, GDP's better than expected yet currency tanks. Computer glitch my ar*e. The second table is pretty self explanatory and as much as I'm proud to note that Brits are off the scale, I'm again wondering why I've been short changed..... and it's more than 20% in this case. Arghhhhhhhh. Condom image courtesy of Oh My Buddha
Pattaya Beach Road could be closed for part of the day tomorrow, (Thu) for a ceremony near the Buddha shrine. It's on the north section of Beach Road, opposite Soi 6, sort of....... #pattaya The Beer Garden could be off limits.........
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