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BANGKOK — Police said Wednesday they believe a French woman who ran naked through the streets near Khaosan Road was mentally ill and complained it was too hot.
French Woman Cites Heat for Naked Stroll Near Khaosan Road #thailand Rag - This naked lady has received some harsh criticism on social media since the story broke but what if her drink had been spiked? I believe a symptom of Date Rape drugs is the victim is disorientated and can't remember anything after the event. Not the sort of thing the police will want to publicise so maybe it was the heat....... She was travelling alone as was the Russian lady who's gone missing on Khao Tao. Feel ladies travelling alone in Thailand need to keep their guard up. You still get sharks in friendly waters.
The clocks go forward an hour this weekend in Europe, (already happened in USA), so your Sunday night footie will be +6 hours on UK not +7..... oh bugger, it's a break for international footie. Scrap that thought. #bst
The British Embassy in Bangkok has prepared a list of English speaking lawyers in Thailand for the convenience of British nationals who may require legal advice and assistance in Thailand. #thailand #lawyers A list of translation and interpretation companies is included with the report. Click on the following link for details -
Songkran celebration on Khao San road is still allowed but traditional way with "No powder, No water guns, No Sexy Dress, No Alcohol" - Thai PBS English News
Songkran celebration on Khao San road will be allowed but traditional way with "No powder, No water guns, No Sexy Dress, No Alcohol" - Rag - The country is still in mourning so the authorities want people to celebrate the water festival in an appropriate manner. What's not clear is if this ruling applies to Bangkok only. Regardless, Pattaya will no doubt do it's 'own thing'.
New database to control traffic fines in Thailand New database system will connect the Royal Thai Police's (RTP) traffic ticket database with the DLT's vehicle registration database system. There are two stories here. One story is 80% of traffic fines went unpaid last year so in future, you will not be able to renew your annual plate license, (tax disc?), if you have outstanding traffic fines. Wonder what the downside is to driving a car with an expired plate license? The second story is the wearing of seat belts will be compulsory on public transport with up to 20 seats. What makes me think the Bangkok/Pattaya bus service has 22 seats
New Drivers Must Soon Take 15 Hours of Training
From next year, new drivers must take 15 hours of training to obtain a Thai license #thailand #drivinglicense The 15 hours will include five hours of classroom theory, three hours of maintenance instruction, and six hours behind-the-wheel to be split between an open course and the street. Rag - A Thai Driving License doubles as an I.D. Card for foreigners and can even entitle the holder to Thai prices at venues with dual pricing. If you don't already have one then get your application in this year rather than next.
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