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Panic Away Review by Barry Joe McDonagh


Panic Away is an anti-anxiety program developed by Barry Joe McDonagh. This program has already helped many thousands of people worldwide to stop panic attacks and general anxiety and many types of phobias. Even if you are a long-term sufferer, Panic Away can work well for you.

What is the point that plagues most women? Yes, you guessed it. It is the tummy! This diet promises to help put them on well with ... flabby stomach, while the gives you more information to know how to get a flat belly. You know that you need proper nutrition and exercise to see results. When thou that there are foods that will contribute to "burn" fat in the abdomen.

The system is divided in three stages:

Stage 1: Trust – in this stage you will learn a specific method (the One Move) to combat panic attacks. There are 4 steps to this method: Observe, Embrace, Demand More and finally Trust.

Stage 2: Accept – this includes a series of exercises to reduce general anxiety. The exercises are mental like experiencing gratitude and physical like breathing and The Symphony Technique.

Stage 3: Persist – this stage helps you ensure long-term success. This is

achieved through continued practice and application of all the techniques outlined in the program, which will help you reach the stage of full recovery.

The Panic Away Diet

Barry Joe McDonagh believes that a very acidic diet can result in a lower resistance to stress and other health problems. You need to maintain an alkaline balance in the foods you eat, so as to eliminate anxiety and panic attacks. For this reason you will have to reduce the consumption of acidic foods and increase the consumption of alkaline foods. Your diet should be about 80 percent alkaline. This means that you need to stay away from salt, sugar, nuts, grains, dairy products (except yoghurt), alcohol and refined or processed products. On the contrary, you should concentrate on fruits and raw vegetables, which are highly alkaline. As for protein, you can eat about 7 ounces of animal protein or 36 ounces of good-quality yoghurt. (Keep in mind that if your levels of physical activity are high, you may need more protein).

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