Really pralines are the sugar or caramel dressed nuts,which discover their root in France. In France for the nuts almonds were used before. When the first Frenchman came to new Orleans,he was familiarized to pecan nuts by a friendly indigenous Indian. French, being the natural gourmets, did not take too long to adjust their native born dishes by utilizing pecan nuts as the components. Pecan Praline was one such innovation brought in about by a French chef employing pecan nuts alternatively of almonds.

So it was an perfect wedlock of the French dish with the domestic American element.

Pecan praline are known for having huge nutritious value. It has very ample antioxidant properties. Moreover it brings down the cholesterol and continues your heart stable. So instead of banqueting on French fries ,cookies ,potato chips ,pastries and cakes it is always advisable to arm your self with a bagful of pecan pralines whenever you are going to a movie,park or just taking a stroll on the street savoring the picturesque weather condition. It will further relieve you from guilt pangs we sustain from after we binge on these high calorie material like chips,pastries ,cookies etc.

Best affair about pecan praline is that it is so easy to develop it. To prepare pecan pralines you require following elements ,

brown sugar, evaporated milk, butter, vanilla, pecans, and one fourth cup of water. Take a sauce pan and mix sugar,milk and water in it. Now position the saucepan on the heat ,after the solution boils sustain the heat on till water evaporates and assortment adopts the consistency of a soft ball. Take the sauce pan from the heat and blend it with butter,vanilla and pecans. Once the mixture becomes regular then prepare small balls from it.

For chocoholics pecan praline recipe could be altered a bit to cater to their preference .the elements are granular sugar, maple syrup, light cream, nonsweet chocolate broken into picks, salt, butter, pecans, and vanilla extract.

Bring In that saucepan back into implementing to merge sugar ,cream and salt and prepare it on reasonable heat and shake it through out. Add chocolate , butter and pecan nuts and continue moving till it evolves the body of a soft ball.

Take the sauce pan off the heat and place the motley into a bowl and cool it for five minutes. Now beat the mix till it more or less gets thick. Now create small balls from the mix and put it on a wax paper.

Pecan praline could be put to more fabulous utilization,it could applied as a topping on ice creams. Smash the pecan praline slenderly and splash them on the top of the ice cream. while ice cream would swimmingly disappear in your mouth pecan praline would make that crisp, crunchy taste. you can use the pecan praline in the desserts too. You can mix them with the concentrated milk,evaporated milk and fresh cream to whip up a truly creamy sweet. So this was the marvellous of pecan praline and its journey from kitchen of a new orleans home to the entire USA.

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