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Coney Island reopens for the season in less than a week
The Spring Equinox has come and past but the world, or at least New York, still feels grey and damp, so here’s a surefire sign that spring weather and good things are coming: Coney Island’s Opening Day is just over a week away (!). The Happiest Place on Earth (ya, we know that actually refers to Disneyland but, like, Coney is proof that money and sterile fairytales can’t buy you the same quality happiness decaying theme park rides, funnel cake, and drunk boardwalk dancing with topless strangers can) is coming back to life from its winter dormancy on Saturday, April 8 for the start of its official 2017 season. See you this spring! Season opener at #ConeyIsland‘s Deno’s @WonderWheelPark is April 8 & 9. Annual Blessing of the Rides on Palm Sunday — Denos Wonder Wheel (@WonderWheelPark) February 28, 2017 As per tradition, there will be a Blessing of… Read More
3/29/17- SCRATCH THAT w @AnimalXHouse @ScratchDJAcdmy w #freebooze #livemusic #nycart + mo RSVP NOW
Please join us for an evening of art, music and drinks, celebrating New York’s rich community and the people that help move the culture.We are excited to announce this partnership with the Scratch DJ Academy for an incredible event highlighting several of New York’s mover and shakers. The evening will include live performances from Marvelito, Chris Mars B, DJ 9AM, 4thQuarterQuan, and (image)
How to have fun in Brooklyn as a sober millennial
Trying to scrape a living together by working several jobs, keeping up with friends and attempting to find a little time for ourselves can lead us to live functionally alcoholic lives. Thursday, as we all know, is the real start to the weekend and getting trashed with your squad on Friday is the norm. We make no apologies for it. We are over-worked and underpaid millennials and we need to let off steam. But as we find ourselves crawling to yet another Sunday brunch, raging hangover in full swing, we might start to hear people say phrases like “booze fast” or “dry month” and they may even start to sound appealing. After drinking like the British fish that I am for the last ten years, (I’ve probably put the children of the Bombay Sapphire gin empire through college with my love of G&Ts at this point) I have of late,… Read More
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