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Google Blacklists Popular Natural Health Website: Petition Launched Against “Blatant Suppression of Free Speech”

The website Natural News is one of the pioneers of the natural health and alternative media movement, and it’s also drawn its fair share of controversy over the years. While the site is well known for sharing health advice including research on “superfoods” and natural remedies, Natural News and its founder, Mike Adams, have[...]

Turmeric May Be As Effective As 34 Medications, Studies Suggest
From The Hearty Soul: The research is bursting with evidence that turmeric can treat joint pain, high cholesterol, memory loss and more just as effectively as prescription medications, but with none of the unwanted side effects. We've put together the exact dosage and instructions to help your body absorb turmeric's powerful nutrients. You should definitely "try this at home", but not without this guide!
Dr. mercola and me about to speak at Parker University to 3000 holistic doctors in the audience. Holy moly. This is Las Vegas.
Thanks to Erin Elizabeth and Dr Mercola (What a power couple of 8 yrs now) for speaking to nearly 3k holistic doctors at Parker Vegas on Friday about GMOs, toxic clothes, Monsanto, and so much more. Erin then went and hopped on a plane to speak at Cal Jam to another 3k docs on vaccines, doctor deaths and so much more. Gotta love Dr Mercola's blue blocker glasses too.
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