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Ninja Sneak Preview - Keith Stanfield as L in Death Note! Netflix Confirms Actor Cast in Wingard's Death Note Movie - Filming to Begin in Vancouver This Month

The new Death Note US L Keith Stanfield outs himself in quick peek Twitter live stream. (June 13th 2016, 11am BST) Keith Stanfield Death Note L Tweets June 10th and June 13th 2016 While all the world's press are busy confirming Keith Stanfield's undisclosed role in the Wingard directed Death Note movie, we can tell you precisely what part the Straight Outta Compton actor will play.Unannounced officially, equivocally true non [...]

Robbuz is Not Kira.  Crime Scene - Death Note Misa Misa Digital Portrait Art

Italian portrait artist Robbuz is Not Kira.  Nevertheless, she's responsible for this beautifully colourful, Gothic dark Crime Art starring Death Note's Second Kira Misa Amane, with skull and chequerboard floor. Misa Misa portrait artist Robbuz (is not Kira) but is the founder of DeathNoteFansClub on DeviantART.  She's been at its helm for seven years, welcoming fans with a global interest in Death Note and watching the group attract nearly 4,000 active members - including Deat [...]

Fantastic Misa-Misa Cosplay by Costa Rican Artisan MolecularAgatha

Death Note cosplayer MolecularAgatha shares her Misa Amane for this dedicated Month of Second KiraPhotography by Mario Melendez at Universidad de Costa Rica, originally published on DeviantART. Hailing from Costa Rica, MolecularAgatha's creativity as a cosplayer is absolutely astounding.  She's a designer by vocation; a facet that tells in the attention to detail on display, throughout a great range of costumes created by and for herself.  MolecularAgatha is a veteran cosplayer [...]

Tragic Murder of TV Celebrity, Singer and L Cosplayer Christina Grimmie

Our interest here in singer, songwriter and US NBC The Voice competitor Christina Grimmie is rather peripheral, which makes news of her fatal shooting by a previously unacquainted killer no less saddening.Police investigators in Orlando, Florida, have yet to uncover a motive for gunman Kevin James Loibl's actions. He had apparently set out to kill her on June 10th 2016, armed with several weapons and travelling two hours across the US state to reach her.Outside concert hall The Plaza Live, Chris [...]

Another Kira Revealed! New Casting Eiichiro Funakoshi as Supreme Judge and Death Note Owner in Shinsuke Sato's Death Note: Light Up the NEW World

Death Note movie still depicting Supreme Judge Kenichi Mikuriya played by Eiichiro Funakoshi.Photograph courtesy of Warner Bros Japan There seems to be a touch of the Mikami about this new Death Note character - a Kira aping Supreme Judge to be introduced in the fourth of the movies, out in Japan this October.Eiichiro Funakoshi has been cast as Kenichi Mikuriya, one of the owners of a shinigami notebook in the movie Death Note: Light Up the NEW World.  He picks up his Death Note after [...]

Hinako Sano Dating Ryunosuke Kamiki? Romantic Rumours for Death Note TV Drama's Misa Amane with Bakuman Movie Star

There might be something or nothing in this, but the Vietnamese press is reporting strong rumours of romance for Hinako Sano with Japanese movie idol Ryunosuke Kamiki.The couple have been spotted wearing matching t-shirt and caps, hanging out together frequently at Kamiki's house (pictured right).Though when asked, both parties claim a close friendship over anything more romantically inclined.Hinako Sano is known to us as Misa Amane in the TV drama adaptation of Deat [...]

Kira Voice Actor Kim Hasper Dropped Out of Death Note News Interview

I'm afraid it's official - Kim Hasper has indicated that he will be unable to send us his responses to your questions. It's been so many years since he voiced Light Yagami, he simply cannot return to the mindset and/or recall enough details necessary to address what you asked.The German dub Death Note anime actor apologized for dropping out so late in the day.Back in February 2106, during the inaugural Month of Kira event, Death N [...]

What does Misa-Misa's Name Mean? How does the Kanji for Misa Amane REALLY translate into English?  (Guest Post by Amaryllis)

The kanji for Misa Amane should be quite straight-forward. But its not.Both are reasonably common names in Japan.  Enough that none would blink at encountering  an individual bearing the surname Amane, though it's not one of the topmost family names.  More a marginal, decently sized minority.Amane is actually more often found as a first name, applicable for males and females alike.They certainly wouldn't fain surprise at bumping into a Japanese lady or [...]

Death Note News Misa Gift Store Now Open

Our endeavour to have a Death Note gifts shop to match every character at the heart of our Month of... events finally made it in BEFORE the deadline by a fair few days.But only because Lua took care of it, and did so with aplomb.  Obrigado!We have costumes, posters, eBay deals, figurines (some 1/6 life sized and really quite lovely), plus bags, body pillow and other miscellaneous goodies, with more coming in all the time.  No really. Lua's on that case too. [...]

Subtlety Beneath the Stereotype: Is There More to Misa Amane Than Meets the Eye?

Loud and over-emotional, Death Note's Misa-Misa appears not to have been blessed with much in the brain department.Which is a shame, when she's up against the likes of Light, L and Kiyomi Takada and playing a deathly game as Second Kira. Yet she has one up on all of them, not to mention a splattering of NPA police officers and nearly all attendant Wammy House geniuses. Misa Amane survives. Moreover, she's never positively identified as Second Kira; let alone officially arrested, tried and punis [...]

Misa Amane: A Modern Take (Guest Post by Cassie Phillips)

Death Note's Misa Amane and friend create Second Kira's VHS tapes By all accounts, Death Note is not a very old anime. Yet since its original run, much has changed.Misa Amane’s capture was the result of a series of mistakes relating to VHS tapes, but such things are no longer regularly used in our modern world. Flip phones are no longer the dominant device and have instead been replaced with multi-function smartphones.With that in mind, we’re going to examine how certain key pl [...]

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