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K2 Kitchen

This fresh kitchen design by Cantilever Interiors is a combination of baby blue, warm Blackbutt veneer and flat white cabinetry, with integrated appliances seamlessly tucked, stowed and fitted within the countertop and cabinets themselves. An elegant addition to any kitchen remodel or construction project, K2 Kitchen is designed with an open-plan concept, offering soft-close drawers, […]

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Superhouse 00/30

Spanish design firm Superhouse beats around zero bushes when declaring their mission for the 00/30 home series: set out to create 30 of the most incredible, luxury modern homes in the world for the super rich. Where this ostentatious goal lacks in humanity, modesty, or particular moral compass it more than makes up for in […]

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The Smart Solar Flower
What is SmartflowerPOP?   It’s not exactly a flower, but it’s as close as a machine can get to looking pretty enough for a garden. Once installed, The SmartflowerPOP uses photovoltaic technology to create clean electricity for your home or living space. Producing approximately 4000 kWh of electricity per year, the Smartflower is twice as efficient […]
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