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Kinfolk Gallery

Take stunningly simple, wrap it in enduring elegance, and there you will have the Kinfolk Gallery in Copenhagen. Appearing more like a modern art gallery rather than an office space, Kinfolk delivers an environment where friends and colleagues can come together to collaborate on all things creative. Designed by the fabulous Norm Architects, the space […]

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Locke Aparthotel

Locke Aparthotel is a neatly orchestrated live/stay experience. Whether you desire an authentic boutique hotel visit, or are looking for an indefinite designed living environment – this is the place for you. The intermingling of spaces within Locke takes into account community, along with the slumber-friendly features, encouraging guests to enjoy the culture of the […]

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If you are a “read in bed” type of person, than LiliLite by Thijs Smeets is your new best friend! This little lady is the ultimate addition to any bedroom, shedding light on the latest book you just can’t put down. Multi-functional in nature, this bookshelf, bookmark and reading light combo, allows you to pull […]

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