Illegal steroids, or anabolics, gear or roids as they are often called, carry quite a few side effects. This is why people should consider legal alternatives.

High Blood Pressure And Heart Attacks
One of the most serious potential side effects of taking the illegal stuff is that you are at risk raising your blood levels. Everybody knows that blood pressure that is high can lead to many health problems. Also, when you take gear that is illegal, then you are placing yourself at risk of having a heart attack.

Baldness And Overgrowth Of The Forehead
Another unwanted side effect is baldness. Many men have taken roids that are illegal and have gone bald in the process. Not only that, but your forehead could end up looking overgrown, giving it an appearance a guerrilla's forehead.

Acne is another side effect that many people experience while taking roids, and this is regardless of the type they are taking. Acne may become very severe and not just appear in one specific area of the body. For example, you might end up breaking out with acne on your face, chest and all over your back and other areas of the body where you normally wouldn't have acne.

Prostate Cancer Risk
One of the most serious consequences of taking it is that you may end up developing prostate cancer. Men who are already at risk might be putting themselves at an even greater risk of getting this type of cancer.

Other Side Effects Associated With Steroid Usage
There are many more side effects, such as reduced sperm count, infertility, breast development and shrunken testicles. Sure, you could end up building muscle quickly, but there are many negative side effects you could experience.

Are There Legal Options
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As you can see, there are quite a few side effects that you could experience if you decide take steroids stacks, and don't forget that they are illegal and can land you in trouble. You also need a prescription to obtain them. This is why you should take legal substances, such as the supplements that you can find on Crazy Mass.