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When geologist Carolyn Driedger talks about Mount Rainier, she feels like she’s trash-talking. “I feel like I’m gossiping about the prom queen when I tell people that I’m here to talk about the hazards of the volcano. Not everybody wants to hear that.” She’s talking about a possible eruption, which could happen in our lifetime. Statistics show there’s a volcanic eruption in the Cascades two to three times every century; Mount Rainier is the tallest mountain in that range. A listener asked KUOW’s #LocalWonder project what would happen *when* Mount Rainier erupts. Read the story on the homepage at It includes what you should if you live in a lahar zone. Photo by Joshua McNichols #pnw #MountRainier #science #volcano #makeaplan #geology #KUOW
"The problem isn't that Twitter exists, it's that misogyny exists." -Writer Lindy West speaking on KUOW's The Record. Hear the interview -- it's on our homepage at Photo by Jenny Jimenez #feminism #seattle #writer #KUOW #pnw
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