Have you finally reached the point, where your child is old enough to be left with a babysitter on occasion? Or perhaps you're frantically searching for a good babysitter, because you have a special occasion coming up that you simply cannot miss, yet cannot take your child to either? Whatever the case may be, hiring a babysitter might be the best decision of your life. 

We all love it when our babies are small and we can take care of them all day long. But there is a point in each and every one of our lives, where we really want to take some time off and spend some time away from our kids. That's nothing to be ashamed about, everyone needs a moment to relax every now and again. The biggest problem of this situation is, that it's so incredibly hard to leave our children with a stranger. Sure you could ask your mother, your sister or anyone else you trust, but that doesn't mean that they will always be available. 

In these cases you simply need a backup. A babysitter offers the possibility to leave whenever you want, while leaving your child in the care of an experienced hand. 

Nonetheless, it is still important that you find a babysitter that you can utterly and completely trust. For example, perhaps you know a young girl down the street, or the daughter of one of the neighbors you have a good relationship with, that is looking for a job. Since you already know and, most likely, trust her, this would be a great first choice for a babysitter. 

Whomever you choose, you need to realize that you will leave your children in their care, so do your due diligence. Have a meeting with any potential babysitter before hiring him or her and most definitely ask fr references. But do not stop there. You should also call these references and ask them about the person you talked to. Someone with experience is always preferable. 

So how much exactly should you pay your new babysitter? This depends on several factors. A younger girl will get less than an older women. The location you are in also plays a role here. If you live in a big city, you should also expect to pay more, simply because the cost of living is higher there than it is in a suburb. On average, babysitters get paid $10 an hour. This can quickly add up if you are planning to take your partner for a special night out. But these averages are only for one child. For every child more the babysitter needs to take care of, you can expect to pay in between $2 and $5 more. So one hour for two children could be a minimum of $12, while three children might cost a minimum of $14 an hour. Do know that you are spending this money for a good cause, since eventually, you get what you pay for.