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Jacob Thomas Talks about Upcoming Adventure at ILGA Oceania 2016 Conference

Next week, members of the It Gets Better Project's international team are heading to Middle Earth to the ILGA OCEANIA HUMAN RIGHTS & HEALTH CONFERENCE being held in Wellington, New Zealand from March 9-12, 2016. This will be the second annual conference hosted by ILGA Oceania. Representing the Proejct at the conference will be Jacob Thomas, a young change maker, social entrepreneur, performer, and disruptive public speaker from Melbourne, Australia. We're so excited to be sending Jacob to the conference and to support them in their growth and development as a leader in the LGBT movement in their region of the world. To learn more, click HERE, and check out Jacob's pre-conference video here:

Trans Group holds first 'Free Hugs' Campaign in India

On November 21, our friends from the TransCreations team at Enactus Ramjas held the first ever Transgender Free Hugs Campaign in New Delhi (and possibly the entire country) in celebration of Trans Awareness Week. The event was a hit (as you can see in the heartwarming video above).

For those of you who don't know, Enactus Ramjas is a non-profit organization working to mobilize university students in India to become socially responsible business leaders in their local communities. We're so excited to see such a great organization working together with the trans community to create social change. Congratulations on such a successful campaign!

It Gets Better: WestpacNZ employees

Recently WestpacNZ, a New Zealand banking institution, launched their #YouBeingYou initiative in support of the LGBT kiwi community. The launch included their own it gets better video featuring many of their LGBT employees sharing their personal experiences of accepting themselves and coming out. We're so excited to have the support of such an inclusive institution! To read more about the initiative, click here.

It Gets Better Project launches Todo Mejora Ecuador!

We are proud to announce the newest addition to our international network of affiliate projects around the world, Todo Mejora Ecuador! Follow this link to our blog post about the current state of LGBT rights in Ecuador and what Todo Mejora Ecuador plans to do (and is already doing!) to make things better for LGBT youth there.

NOTE: The above video is only available in Spanish.

Mothers show support for LGBT kids in new video

This short video, "OutStanding Moms," was co-produced by and It documents several testimonials from mothers of gay and lesbian youngsters in Mexico. These mothers are making great strides on behalf of the LGBT community in Mexico, simply by accepting, supporting, and loving their children unconditionally. Watch the video to get a glimpse into the experiences of these extraordinary mothers.

Available only in Spanish w/ subtitles in English.

Celebrating New Global Affiliates

Part of making the next five years even better is making sure that our impact continues to spread to new areas around the world. This year, we added 3 new affiliates to our network (Ecuador, Greece, and Colombia), and representatives from the Project participated in over half a dozen international LGBT conferences across Europe and in Israel and Mexico. We look forward to making those numbers grow in 2016!

This is what LGBT life is like around the world

We are so excited to share this video from Jenni and Lisa, the stars of OUT & AROUND, the documentary created in partnership with the It Gets Better Project currently airing on Logo TV. In 2011, the couple set off on a world tour in search of "Supergays," LGBT people who were doing something extraordinary in the world. This talk from TED Women (and the documentary) give you a glimpse into this incredible voyage around the world.

GLSEN releases Safe Space Kit in Spanish thanks to collaboration with IGB affiliate in Chile, Todo Mejora

GLSEN just released their Safe Space Kit for the first time in Spanish thanks to the fantastic support and collaboration of our affilaite in Chile, Todo Mejora. Way to go! The kit is designed to help educational professionals create safe spaces for LGBT youth in schools. It provides concrete strategies that will help support LGBT students, educate about anti-LGBT bias, and advocate for changes in schools. To download a free copy, go to


"Happy Together," a brand new docu-reality series following a gay couple on their quest to have a baby, premiered last month on the Chilean television channel TVN. The show features the story of Julio Dantas and Juan Pablo Fuentealba, two of the co-founders of our affiliate project in Chile, Todo Mejora. The show is absolutely wonderful, so don't miss the first few episodes that are currently streaming online!

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