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Follow simple steps and learn how to watch live sports without cable or satellite. Discover how to use Internet-connected computer, web browser, TV/HDTV/Smart TV, indoor antenna, and HDMI cable to watch live sports online and offline. Watch local sports, international sports, and live sports without high cost or signing into contract...
StreamDirect Pro Review 2016 - Watch TV on Computer, Tablet, Smartphone

StreamDirect Pro... New and upcoming web-based TV/VOD service that delivers over 11,000 live TV channels and on-demand content from over 100 countries. Watch entertaining TV shows, movies, news broadcast and live sports online. Dedicated live sports section for sports. Comes with 7-day trial and lifetime membership. Stream Direct delivers everything to one place. Watch on any Internet-connected device with browser.

Where to Watch TV Shows Online

Internet television is gaining on cable and satellite which have been leaders in the TV industry for decades. But more TV viewers are heading online to watch their favorite TV shows, movies, news and sports at lower costs. For those looking for free-to-use and pay-to-use web TV/Video services with nothing to download, can now do so with many of these services springing up across the Internet. Finding them has become easier when reading the article that breaks everything down.

When all said and done, the realization when opting into these services and using an indoor HDTV antenna is cable and satellite are no longer needed. TV viewers can build a robust web TV/Video entertainment system with free and low-cost pay-to-use services to save money, and yet don't lose watching TV channels/Shows they've come to love. .

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LiveTVWeb Review (Sports Online ) | InternetTvDotCom
Important Update: Satellite Direct have been experiencing many issues as of late. Many members including myself have been experiencing the following issues: 1. All or most channels don't work/play 2. List of channels appear where they don't belong 3. No sports (server down) 4. No support (no one responds to customer/members support emails anymore) I don't know exactly what's going on with Satellite Direct right now. They have been experiencing repeated server crashes for awhile. They came out with an incomplete Advanced version upgrade where they switched from software to web-based platform. They were probably going to do the same upgrade for the lifetime version. Something wrong happened along the way and I don't know whether or not Satellite Direct is going out of the business. On the other hand, they could be secretly working behind the scene to correct all issues. Their sales funnels are still intact to make sales. My suggestion is don't purchase Satellite Direct at this time. I found a new service that I purchased, tested, and written a full review. It's great for watching live TV channels for live sports, recent movies, TV shows, news, and music videos. I am quite happy with the service and you should be as well -- there is a 3-day trial going on right now. If interested, you can read my full review by clicking the link below. Even if you're not interested in watching sports, there are plenty of entertaining old/recent movies, news channels, TV shows, and music videos to watch. Or you can visit other parts of my website -- Look for menu section in right column and click "Top 10 Internet TV Software" for more options.
Unisex TV Shows T-Shirts and More

Popular Men/Unisex TV Shows T-Shirts Now on Display. Fits all sizes and many different art designs. Also many T-Shirt categories for mood or interest such as Automobile, Camping, Faith, Fishing, Fitness, Funny, Geek & Tech, Hunting, and so on, including Best Sellers.

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ARE YOU LOOKING FOR LIVE SPORTS ONLINE? Satellite Direct is a good, safe way to watch TV online when using an Internet-connected device with web browser or computer connected TV when using an HDMI cable. But when it comes to watching live sports online, such as NFL and NCAA Football, this service isn't my first choice. Simply because Satellite Direct doesn't cater to much live sports online. So for all you sports fans looking to watch your favorite ballgame or sporting event online, I'm going to tell you what services I use. Like Satellite Direct, these are 3rd-party, web-based TV/VOD services. Unlike Satellite Direct, they have a dedicated live sports section that direct-connects to all live sports worldwide. You won''t be disappointed. You get connected to many popular live sports TV channels/networks, as well as daily sports listing that updates itself every 30 minutes. Both services direct-connects you to any live sporting event online. Whatever is broadcast that day, you can watch it online. To find out more, check out Recommendation #1 here... ... This service offers Live TV, Local TV, Sports TV, Global TV, VOD Movies, and VOD TV Shows. Check out Recommendation #2 here... ... This service offers many live sports TV packages with or without live entertainment channels to watch news broadcast, movies, TV shows, music videos, and so on. They have nothing but popular live TV channels/networks... no on-demand content. Check both services out. I use both. One serves as a backup to the other, if for some reason I'm unable to watch a ballgame. Although this is rare, I use the other service so that I never miss a game. Keep in mind, you won't undergo any local blackouts online. So consider using the Internet as a backup to your existing TV. You don't need cable or satellite TV. If you have other household TVs, you can turn one of them into a live sports web TV system. Just connect your computer to HDTV via HDMI cable and watch all your sports on any size television. Another reason why I use both services is because each offers streaming content the other doesn't have. Together, they create a robust web TV/VOD entertainment source for me online. So head on over to both these services and chose one or the other or both.
Bangladeshi TV Channels Live
Up and coming 3rd party, web-based service now delivers Bangladesh live TV channels including on-demand content online. Individuals living in or outside of Bangladesh can watch favorite TV shows from any location, in or out of the home. More than 11,000 streaming TV content available from over 100 countries included to watch live sports, movies, news, and TV shows online.

Only 3 requirements needed to watch Bangla TV over the web from one source:

High speed Internet connection

Computer, tablet, or smartphone

Web browser

Bangladesh members can request more channels to be added and search by channel name or by category. Can also add to favorites and report broken channel with one click of a button. Lifetime membership with service package included --- 24/7 tech support, 60 day money back guarantee, channel updates, and technical upgrades. Also 7-day trial for few dollars that automatically rebills to full price (low one-time fee).

See Bangladeshi TV Channels Live for More Details

For those of you still thinking Satellite Direct is the same product/service, same management/ownership and what I'm saying is a complete falsehood, I've uploaded a video review (part 2) of Satellite Direct. As I said before, I was told by someone at support (new support), they are a new management/ownership. I did not make this up. If you are new to this product/service watch the video. If you want to see video one or read my full written review, go to Sorry about the poor video picture quality on Facebook. You will get better quality when watching it on my website... Just click the link.
Top 10 Best Satellite TV Software Packages for PC and Mac

If searching for an alternative to cable and satellite TV without the high cost and losing favorite TV programs to watch, Internet TV software technology offers the next best thing. For those who use a Windows or Mac OS X computer and don't mind watching television online via computer, software can streamline setting up a super web TV system.

Discover the top leading TV Software packages (a.k.a. Satellite TV Software) that allow watching live/on-demand TV shows, sports, movies and 1000s of other streaming content from the web to computer.

For More Information. Click Here to Find Top 10 Best Internet TV Software Packages

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How to Watch Sports Online

How To Watch Live Sports Online: The Cheap, Fast, Easy Way

Many people today use the Internet to watch favorite television programs online. They watch streaming content through Internet-connected smart TVs and phones, computers, including streaming devices. How to watch sports online can be setup any number of ways but choosing the best way is where many get stuck – but it doesn't have to be that way.

There are free and low-cost ways to watch a specific sport or many different online sports games over the web. For those who enjoy watching worldwide sports this can be accomplished as well. There are many services out there that offer web-based, software/app, or TV browser add-on to watch television online. These methods aren't the only ones available, there are many official sports websites that allow individuals to sign up for a subscription such as:

Live Stream Sports Online Methods

Individuals can download/install a TV browser add-on to their web browser to watch online sports stream including other types of streaming content. The user can use any device that comes with it's own web browser, such as Google Chrome, as long as the add-on is compatible. The user simply clicks a link on the TV browser add-on that takes him/her to the source to watch whatever is of interest.

The web-based method is a website where users can go and click channel feeds to watch live sports over the web, including other types streaming content. Any device can be use that comes with a web browser. Using this method is the easiest and great for newcomers to Internet TV that want to keep everything simple as possible. This means no installing software, hardware, or wires. Unless of course, the user wants to watch everything via small/large TV, whereas an audio/video cable is required.

Downloading/installing TV software for PC or Mac computers with an Internet connection is another method. However, no web browser can be used with this method. The TV player software sits on the computer's desktop and can only be accessed through that computer.

If wanting to setup a computer connected TV system, no problem. Simply connect a small/large screen television and computer via HDMI cable. Open the TV menu and select the correct HDMI input the computer is connected. That's all there is to it!

Any one of the three methods above can be use with any big screen or smart TV, as long as there is an Internet connection. Although there are many free methods out there, pay-to-watch methods generally offer premium channels, more entertainment which translate to getting the best of web TV content.

2 How to watch live sports online questions:

  1. Do you want to watch sporting events on your device coming from your television, and watch them from any location? Or...
  2. Do you want to watch streaming sports on your small/large screen TV coming from your device?

To stream live sports online, first determine the amount of money and time you're willing to spend to get things setup. Determining which way to go should also including whether or not you want to do any techie stuff during the setup.

For some, taking the easiest, less costly approach to set up a streaming sports online system is the way to go. In that case, the web-based channel feeds method is how to watch sports online streaming. The user can watch live stream sports online via Windows/Mac computer or Mobile iOS/Android devices. And can use their device to connect any small/large television to watch everything that way as well.

There's nothing better when having the ability to watch games online from any location, in or out of the home. This method also gives individuals a backup when a local sports TV network blackout occurs or when there are more household members than number of TVs. For the guy that wants all sports at his fingertips and watch them anyway he likes is the next best thing since woman was invented.

Where to Watch Sports Online and Save

For those who want to enjoy watching the best of worldwide sport games or just one type of sporting event, there's a service that offers over 60 premium sports membership packages. They have free trials, low monthly and annual licenses renewals including multi-year licenses where you get to choose the type of sport you want.

The Platinum Sports package is exclusively for sports enthusiasts but also allows them to watch full-length movies and TV shows (old/classic/recent) including news and other types of streaming content online. One of the areas where this service excels at is it allows the user to connect to everything online from one source. Rather than surf the web and visit one TV/Video/ website after another, the user can quickly watch a sporting event within seconds – with one click.

Live Sports on TV Today. There's also a sports TV guide that list all the sporting events and times for that day. Each sporting event listed has a link. When clicking the link the user is taken directly to the streaming player where the sporting event starts to play automatically.

Live sports can also be found by categories. If wanting to find all channel feeds (clickable link) for NFL - NCAA Live Channels or MLB Live online Channels, for instance, the user can get quick access that way.

If wondering what type of live sports are offered, simply think of all the sports you love to watch – ruby, European basketball and NBA basketball games online, soccer, NFL football games, college games, baseball, golf, hockey, NASCAR, other racing, tennis, cricket, boxing (even special events), UFC, GAA, playoffs/championships/Superbowl, both domestic and foreign, and so on.

The Platinum Sports package is great for individuals in/from US, UK, Canada and Australia including other countries. However, it's fair to say the service is more suitable for those who understand English well. Most of the streaming content is in English.

Some Sports Networks Included:

  • Fox sports live stream
  • ABC, NBC & CBS
  • Sky Sports
  • ESPN
  • BT
  • And many more

So if wondering how to watch sports online you now have one fast, easy, low-cost setup method to start watching everything within minutes from now. Just an Internet connection, device and choosing a monthly, yearly, or multi-year license is all that's needed. Watching sports online is the alternative to paying a costly cable or satellite subscription; you save more in the long run.

Click Here For A Full Platinum Sports Review And Find Out Where to Watch Sports Online

* Sports & Satellite LIVE* - The leading HD streaming 24/7 Channels - Subscribe NOW
How to Watch Live Sports Online and Where to Go... Watch Any and All Live Sporting Events Online Two Different Ways, Including Pro, College and European Sports via Any Device With Web Browser. Watch NFL, NCAA, NBA, NHL, MLB, and More! All-in-One Source Direct-Connects to Live Premium Sports TV Channels/Networks, With or Without Entertaining Old/Recent Movies, TV Shows, News Broadcasts, and Music Videos. Over 30 Live Sports Packages to Choose From.
FREE Download - Next Best Thing to Cable and Satellite without Monthly Fees

Popular TV player software technology delivers over 1000s of free streaming global TV channels, movies and radio stations to Windows computers with broadband or wireless connection. Also offers many great features to enhancement more Internet TV enjoyment. Watch all kinds of live and on-demand TV shows/sitcoms/soaps, news, movies (old and recent) and sporting events (pros, college & worldwide) including listening to radio and music online.

If that's not enough, adding another TV player software service will deliver best of web TV has to offer with more free streaming content than satellite and cable combine. Great savings, no hardware or wires to install. Find out how to download one top free TV player and one top pay-to-download player to get next best thing to satellite and cable.

How to Watch TV Online

InternetTvDotCom introduces its FREE ebook, "The Ultimate Guide To Watching TV Online, Using What You Already Have"

The comprehensive guide reveals everything needed to switch from high cost of cable or satellite TV to web TV, without losing favorite television programs while in the process. But there's one catch... The setup starts with an Internet-connect computer (laptop preferably) and explains why a computer is the best device to use (not streaming media device or game console).

The FREE guide also talks about Internet connection speed, security software, how to build a robust web TV system, connect computer to TV, how to get access to/watch local OTA TV stations in the area without cable or satellite.

Popular streaming content providers and 3rd party web-based TV/VOD services are revealed where the reader can choose various free-to-watch and pay-to-watch services of interest. This enables individuals to choose the streaming content they want to watch such as, live sports, TV shows/sitcoms/soaps/episodes, movies, news broadcast, and so on (local, national & international) .

Any person from any country where English is either 1st or 2nd language can benefit from the ebook, and employ many of the methods. However, some information revealed will not be applicable to all countries. Additional information is provided that shows how to get access to all popular streaming content providers and TV channels/networks in one place, with the ability to cast, stream, and record.

The FREE guide shows how building a robust web TV entertainment system can be childsplay, whereas one can scale it up to suit ones needs. Great for pre-teens, teens, and adults of all ages.

See TOC below...

Table of Content

  • Disclaimer and Legal Notices
  • Preface
  • Requirements
  • Internet Connection Speed (What You Need)
  • Computer Protection Against Virus & Malware
  • Best Browser to Use
  • Resources to Create Robust Web TV Entertainment System
  • Indoor HDTV Antenna - Local TV Channels
  • Streaming Content Providers and 3rd Party (Free/Pay-to-Use)
  • Understanding 3rd Party Web TV Services
  • Alternate to 3rd Party Web-based TV/Video Services
  • Hypothetical Streaming Content Cost Breakdown
  • How to Get Access to Blocked TV Shows/Websites
  • How to Connect Computer to Small/Large Screen TV
  • How to Remote Control Computer from Mobile Device (Free!)
  • Streaming Media Device/Software For All Your VOD Needs
  • Picture Quality
  • Downsizing Cable/Satellite TV Without Losing What You Love
  • Questions You May Have
  • Summary
  • Resources

The FREE ebook... "The Ultimate Guide To Watching TV Online, Using What You Already Have" Can Be Downloaded At...

PC TV Software Services | Alternative to High Cost of Satellite and Cable TV

The rising cost of cable and satellite continues to linger on, as the FCC tries to give innovative web companies a chance to compete with paid television services. Good for them, if new regulations are indeed coming, If or when that happens, TV viewers will get a break when opting for 3rd party web TV services. Until then, one could opt for Mac / PC TV software technology that helps create a web TV system and delivers tons of free global live and on-demand channels to computers. With the software installed, users can watch favorite sports, movies, news and TV shows via computer or small/large screen television. There are no monthly fees to pay, hardware to install or wires to connect, which makes this technology appealing to those new to Internet TV and want to save time and money. Just computer with a broadband or wireless connection is all that's needed.

Find out more by reading a post by someone who knows what he's talking about.

Indian TV Live Channel
New exciting web-based TV/VOD service delivers Indian TV live channels online, with over 10,000 live/VOD channels worldwide. As it stands now, there are over 400 live TV Indian channels to watch TV shows, live sports, movies, news, and hindi TV.

Members can log into members area with username and password. Then point and click to whatever is of interest. The streaming content is broken down into sections by Country (TV), Radio, Favorites, Live Sports, Toddler TV, TV Shows, and VOD.

Members can also retrieve channels by genre such as, Documentary, Movies, Sports, News, Talk Shows, Religion, Politics, Shopping, Weather, Entertainment, and more. Additional features included Add to Favorites, Report Broken channels, Search by country, channel name, and category. Indian TV live channels and VOD content are update regularly; live sports updated every 30 minutes for current listing of sporting events to watch daily.

The StreamDirect Pro web-based service brings all this together and more that lets members watch TV online Indian channels instantly. Now users can stop surfing the web to find Indian TV channels online. And if an Indian channels is missing, users can request support to add a channel.

There are over 10,000 live TV channels and video-on-demand content delivered from around the globe -- something for all to watch -- whether living in or outside a country. This service offers a great way to Indians to watch streaming TV programs from their homeland, even hindi channels.

Support is provided 24/7, with a quick email response time.

As of now, there's a 7-day trial for a few dollars that rebills to a low one-time price. Anyone including Indian TV viewers can take advantage of this offer and test the service on their device. Whether it's a live TV indian channel or multiple Indian TV channels, it makes no different. Users can enjoy the best of Indian TV live on almost any device.

To Learn More, Click Here

Direct PCTV Review 2016 - Watch TV on Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone
Direct PCTV, a 3rd party, web-based live TV and VOD service direct-connects users to more than 9,000 TV channels and on-demand content worldwide.They have been in service over 10 years and stood the test of time while many competitors fails and closed down. Comes with lifetime member and service package. There is no Direct PCTV software download or hardware to install.

For those who asked for the best of Internet TV entertainment has offer that's low-cost with easy access, Direct PCTV makes this a no-brainer. Rather than surf the web to find TV shows, movies, sports, or news to watch, this service allows users to stay in one place to gain access to a wealth of entertaining stream content. The well thought streamlining makes this web-based platform easy to find favorite television programs to watch online.

This includes live TV, global TV, local TV, sports TV, and on-demand content -- all from around the world (over 100 countries). What separates this service from other 3r party services like it is the content that's delivered and organization of a wealth of content.

Direct PCTV is not affiliate with nor part of any cable or satellite company. No streaming content is hosted on their website. Instead, they direct-connect users to the content. Sports fans can watch all the live global sports they want, whether it's pro or college sports, sports talk or European sports. There is a dedicated live sports section to gain access to everything.

As for movie lovers, there are plenty of entertaining old/recent movies to keep them occupied day in and day out. And there are plenty of TV shows from many popular TV networks to watch.

The best way to get a complete understanding of Direct PCTV is reading a full review or watching a video for an inside view of everything.

Click Here to Learn More

Download FREE Ebook: The Ultimate Guide To Watching TV Online, Using What You Already Have [A Computer!]... Comprehensive guide shows how to setup robust web TV entertainment system and watch all your favorites online. What cable and satellite companies don't want you to know...
PlayOn Review (Pros & Cons)
PlayOn, an all-in-one TV/VOD app brings large array of entertaining streaming content providers to watch TV shows, movies, and videos on/offline. Users can watch, cast, stream, and even record (DVR technology) all their favorites. Although the app can only be downloaded to Windows computers, mobile phone/streaming media device/game console users can connect to same WiFi network. Cast and record to many devices including big screen TV.

Offers many content providers such as Hulu, Amazon Instance Video, Fx, Fox, ABC, and Neflix, including many other popular TV/VOD networks. Download the free app to start watching favorite TV shows now and enjoy many features that comes with it. Or upgrade to the Plus version and see the power of PlayOn at work -- cast to many compatible devices, record on/offline (with AdSkip), with many other features included.

To Learn More, Read Our PlayOn TV Review

How To Get Internet on Your TV

It's easier as slicing butter when to setting up an Internet on TV system nowadays. While there are many streaming media devices available on the market at an extra cost, there's another way to stream TV channels and shows with what you already have. The savings are tremendously lower than cable and satellite, with no hardware to install. Individuals can create a robust web TV system to watch vod/live sports, movies, TV shows/episodes, news, and other streaming content from the web. Learn More

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