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Grateful that our school's administration truly cares about their students and would casually join us for the free meals they provide for senior week. So great getting to know you, President Jensen!

And with that, my sophomore year is done. I am not sure I'd say I came through 100% unscathed, but I definitely finished with much more strength and positivity than I began with. It's been the most rewarding year. Happy summer! ☀️
Happening right now, our farewell dinner for our Illinois Wesleyan customized program. Leaving tomorrow after four months studying and nursing in BCN. #illinoiswesleyan #customizedprogram #studyabroad
With sophomore year in hindsight, I couldn't have asked for better people in my life. Everyone has been so supportive and inspiring in innumerable ways. I know that without all of you this past year, no matter how cliché it is to say this (or how cliché it is to comment on how cliché it is to say), I wouldn't be who I am today. To be perfectly honest, I wish I'd saved more photos with all of you than downloading that one cat game. It's too late for that, clearly. Thank you, IWU, and can't wait to see you next year 💚😘! #babywereJUNIORromantics #comeoncomealongwithme
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