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“My first two years at Illinois Wesleyan have widened my perspective of the world and also helped me to adapt to new ways of thinking.”

#peopleofillinoiswesleyan #siliconvalley #illinoiswesleyan -- English writing major Paxton Johnson '18 is interning this summer at Aeris Communications, a Silicon Valley-based leader in the Internet of Things market. "Innovation in a burgeoning industry like this moves incredibly quickly, which means there is no one right solution to the many questions or problems I come across every day. Without my liberal arts experiences, my time here at Aeris would be much more challenging, and I may not have been able to acclimate to the working environment so successfully." As a marketing intern, Johnson has written for the company's blog and researched statistics to create infographics, as well as other tasks. "This is an incredibly beneficial experience to have as I pursue a career."

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