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How do men see women’s bodies?

You could ask my hubby what attracted him when he first saw me and what did he notice first. Answering anything else than the usual T&A (Tits and Ass, if you didn’t know) that you might collect from the majority of the masculine population is a real challenge, and you will discern an almost physical convulsion of his body trying to pass beyond his sex oriented mind thinking of the breast or the butt and come out with something like “Her cute ankles…”

I’m pretty sure that during our first ten years of marriage, he didn’t even notice I had a scar on my left elbow.

The truth is that men see a woman’s body in 3 different manners and they certainly don’t have anything to do with how YOU see your body.

1.  They notice what shapes you as a WOMAN

It means that the first things about your body men perceive right away are the ones that distinguish you as woman. And these are your butt, your chest, your hips, your curves and even how you walk. For any given heterosexual man, it is almost impossible to discern or detect anything before they analyzed the elements of a female’s body that define and classify her as a woman.

So what is not included in this list of body parts are your cellulite, your stretch marks or your arm flaps.

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2.  They see the details that make you unique

For example they think your chipped tooth is kind of cute. Your belly, even if they can’t see it because too close to your ass they still think it’s the cutest around. You hate your lips because they are too thin but in fact when guys see your lips they think of them on their body and certainly not that they are too thin. TRUE.

When a man notices something in your body that you consider as a repulsive factor (note that guys will never mention it this way), he will see it as a part that represents you in a uniquely way. And because you are the object of his obsession, that part of your body is as welcome as the other ones.

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3.  They record your obsessional fixed ideas

This section is a sensitive part as it can boost or destroy a relationship.

When a guy listens to you constantly complaining about your body, his eagerness to savor and adore you will slowly disintegrate. He collects your attitude as a rejection. What crosses his mind is, “I could caress her body all day long” and you are saying, “I’m too flaccid”. You are not only taking yourself apart, you are also annihilating his passion, his attention and his excitement for you.

But this can work in the opposite way also. Exhibit your pedicure, expose your arms, put that sexy dress and harass him relentlessly with this body he unconditionally loves.

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1. He calls you without reason
When a loving man is interested in you, he does not wait 5 days to call you. Instead, he calls you when he wants it and without real reason, just to say hello to you and to check in with you!

If you went out with many of the smooth talkers, this type kind thought can surprise you at the beginning.

Do not venture any criticism or judgment and simply appreciate the fact that he is looking for contacts with you.

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9. He touches you regularly
If a smooth talker does not hesitate to show his affection in public, a man who really cares for you will maybe be a little less demonstrative. However, it does not mean that he will not touch you at all.

It is simple, if you go out with someone who feels sincerely something for you, he will touch you regularly the arm when he speaks, will caress your back or will hold your hand at the convenient moment. This reflects the affection which he carries for you, the degree of intimacy of your relationship, and his interest.

If you feel comfortable, caress his hand, graze his arm, show him your affection from time to time.

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10. He is interested in your centers of interest
The surest way of knowing if your man imagines his future with you, is to see if he is interested in the things which interest you.

Even if they are things that he does not find necessarily fascinating, such as Pilates, painting or your courses of Portuguese. He encourages you to pursue your centers of interests and wishes to learn more of your passions.

Do also the same by interesting you in his hobbies.

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8. He listens to you
If the body language of your aspirant expresses the idea that he is interested in you, you now have to analyze the way he listens to you and replies to you. Does the conversation always turns around him or is he asking you questions, is he looking for your opinion, and does he sincerely seem interested in what you have to say?

When a aspirant is really interested in you, he does not only include you in a part of a conversation, he also asks you for your opinion, listens to you carefully, and gives you his vision of things.

If the feeling is mutual, make him know that his efforts are not vain by showing that you are also interested in him.

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4. His friends know you
You certainly went out with men covering you with presents but never have been introduced to the other important people in his life.

Although this behavior can be a source of confusion, a loving man includes you in all the aspects of his life. It means that his friends know you.

More clearly, they know that you are interesting, funny, intelligent and not only "sexy". With the passing of time, instead of speaking about you, he will introduce you to his friends.

Show your appreciation by making the effort to learn to know them.

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3. He makes space for you in his life
Even if we all have busy schedules, if a loving man is interested in you, he will find time for you.

So, if he calls you to say that he is leaving for a business trip for a few days but that he would like to see you before leaving, or in his return, everything indicates that he wants to know you more.

Make sure to take time for him also and even if you are very busy.

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2. He is seeking your company
A loving man also tries to see you regularly. It goes much farther that the Saturday evening's date. A loving man wants to spend time with his partner and no matter the activity they indulge in.

Consequently if your companion invites you to go out with him, to go for a movie at his place, to have a coffee after work it means that he appreciates you.

If you feel comfortable with him, make him understand by also seeking his company.

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7. He leans towards you when you speak
Not only, your aspirant will look you straight in the eyes, but his body language will also be revealing. If he leans when you speak, faces you, maintains the eye contact, and does not cross either arms or legs, then he is showing you his interest through his body moves.

Make sure that your own body language communicates him the same messages.

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5. He takes time to learn to know your friends
A man who cares shares not only his friends with you, but also takes time to learn to know and to appreciate your friends. While a lover-boy could jump at the opportunity to flirt with your friends, a man in love with you is interested in your friends and keeps his affection for you.

Do not hesitate to show him that his feelings are mutual by taking time to learn to know his circle of acquaintances.

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6. He looks at you in your eyes
An infallible sign that shows that your aspirant appreciates you is the facts that he looks you straight in the eyes without making you feel uncomfortable.

If your new aspirant is not sincerely interested in you, he will not make the effort to look you in the eyes.

So if he looks deep in your eyes and keeps the eye contact while smiling to you, look back at him and simply appreciate the moment.

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