What struck me to the bosses in comparison with The Curse of Naxxramas is that instead of more life the bosses now have armor on heroic difficulty to make them stronger. This has the disadvantage that you do not extract more jokes with a Alexstrasza, but that a Zombie Chow a lot stronger. Despite that seems to me the choice to for armor instead of the right, because as more life force your players the puzzles that the bosses are all on another way to fix, rather than every time the same little trick to use. I have me very entertained with the three bosses who were all completely different and had their own style. It was not a happy Naxxramas-boss in another jacket and this first Black rock Mountain-part had its own atmosphere and especially the challenge of the Mage did a smile on my face. The new map that has made me the most fun on, is the legendary this week: Emperor Thaurissan.

He was immediately used by pro players in a Druid deck and ensures that when the card on the Board, your cards in your hand every turn one mana cost less. The emperor two turns and you have a hand full of cards, then you can all of a sudden bizarre combos and the top arena picks.

It is great to see that the new maps already equal influence on the meta this week and that is why I am more a fan of adventures, where you get a few cards for five weeks, rather than equal 123 new cards as with the expansion Goblins vs Gnomes. All cards are now getting attention every week, be tried out and earn as their place in the spotlight. Black rock Depths was a good start of this new Hearthstone adventure. Or stay that way, you can read next week in the new part of this review in progress. Then we are talking about Molten Core. There where I was very happy last week about the fun that the arbitrariness of the Unstable Portals poses during the Mage class challenge, was that fun this week for a more experienced player.

Both the Warrior as Shaman challenge were not really notable or difficult and more a small obstacle to two new maps: Shock and Lava Axe Flinger. The class challenges seem to be more intended for novice players to the mechanisms of the different classes to master. Learn how you can use the Warrior getting one damage to all your minions each turn and if Shaman how to overload mechanism works. Nothing exciting if you are already familiar with, but a great experience to learn more about the different classes.

Met de bazen van deze week heb ik me meer vermaakt. De eerste, Garr, schotelt je gelijk een aardig probleem voor. Aan het begin van de game ligt zijn kant van het bord bezaaid met zogenaamde Firesworn. Deze 0/5 minions doen één schade (vier op heroic) per Firesworn die die beurt sterft. Dankzij de hero power van Garr, die tijdens zijn beurt telkens één schade aan alle minions doet, sterven deze langzaam af. Ruim je de Firesworn niet netjes één voor één en op tijd op, dan kunnen deze zeven maal zeven (want er gaan er immers zeven tegelijkertijd dood), schade doen en leg je in een keer het loodje. Het is dus in de eerste beurten zaak om telkens één of twee Firesworn op te ruimen. Heb je dat overleefd, dan kun je overschakelen op het verslaan van Garr. Dit is uiteindelijk niet zo'n groot probleem wanneer je de puzzel van de Firesworn hebt opgelost.