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COLOR & TEXTURE FOR EVEN THE SHADIEST CORNERS OF YOUR YARD -- Unlike some perennials that require a bit of coaxing to draw out their best hues, hostas offer a wide range of color with little effort.
Prized for their foliage, easy-to-grow hostas have leaves that can be nearly any size, from narrow, glossy slivers to giant frosted leaves up to 18 inches wide and long. The four main colors, green, blue, and gold, each offer nearly limitless hues, and any can be combined together, or with white, o
Best glute activation there is. Before every lifting session, you gotta get your monster walk on (to old school hip hop, natch) while wearing @marksmellybell's SlingShot. It's the best. Plus it makes you look like you might have some rhythm...maybe. After these, I always do a bunch of squatting with it on too, plus marching and lateral wide steps.
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