The Rivalry as a Fan

In 1982, a very young kid in Reston, Virginia remembers watching the NCAA championship game between the University of North Carolina Tarheels and the Georgetown Hoyas. With stars on one side like Michael Jordan, James Worthy, and Dean Smith and on the other side Patrick Ewing and John Thompson - this was Grant Hill's earliest memory of becoming a college basketball fan. A few years later, he started watching the 1985 Duke Blue Devil team that included Johnny Dawkins and Tommy Amaker as well as the legendary Coach K. This was the year that Duke proved to be a formidable opponent to UNC and memories of this great rivalry were deep in the mind of future Blue Devil, Grant Hill.

The Rivalry as a Player

Real rivalries can turn friends into foes. Grant was a very close friend of Brian Reese during their high school years. Even though they were both from different areas of the country, they developed a genuine friendship and their families were close. That all changed when Grant chose Duke and Brian chose Carolina. As Grant recalls a time during freshman year when Brian hardly spoke to him at a party in Chapel Hill, he remembers, "There was no real bad blood, but the rivalry didn't allow us to be friendly [while we were in school]."

Grant went on to accomplish numerous accolades while at Duke - two national championships, ACC Player of the Year, NCAA All American, and others. While playing at Duke, his team was hated by many - fans and other players alike. But the only hatred the Duke players had, was for the team right down the road, the UNC Tarheels. Everyone else was just an opponent.

Grant recounted his first time playing Carolina. It was his freshman year, in January 1991 and they were at home. The lead up to the game was crazy and the build up is all over campus. It's actually bigger than the build up to a championship game! Coach K's intensity was unlike anything he'd ever experienced and the whole experience is something you can never really prepare for. There is nothing quite like the first game of this rivalry. Duke beat Carolina pretty good in that first game.

Advice for current players

Today's game is different. Players are more aware of everything, including rivalries, because of social media, stories & highlights of the rivalry are so available. But for any new players coming into this, just enjoy it. Enjoy the atmosphere and the build up around the game, but just don't put too much pressure on yourself. It's the best environment in all of sports and a special thing to be a part of it.

Life after basketball

Being a student-athlete at Duke taught Grant a lot of life lessons, and also how to problem solve, think, and endure. One of the most important lessons learned was the power of celebrity and using your platform to help others. Coach K was very demanding, but he also made sure his players spent time in the Durham community helping others. Proud of his philanthropy accomplishments, it's one area that Grant shares with his wife and children today.

Grant is glad that back then, he didn't feel the pressure of leaving early for the NBA like so many of today's athletes. Spending four years at Duke was a lot work, but the bonds with his teammates and the lessons learned from Coach K are irreplaceable.

After Duke, Grant spent almost twenty years as an NBA player, spent some time doing NBA analyst work, and in 2015 became part owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Grant and his family reside in the Orlando, FL area.

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