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The GET DOWN Campaign’s No More Stigma Film Series continues on Thursday, June 27th (National HIV Testing Day) at Maysles Cinema in Harlem, NY with a special Harlem Pride and NYC Pride Week screening of the feature documentary film T.V. Transvestite. The event will be hosted by Tamara Williams who plays Danielle from the hit Youtube web series, No Shade. The festivities will commence at 6:30pm with a casual “cocktail and conversation” reception, followed by a 7:30pm screening of TV Transvestite. The evening concludes with a special “Mini-Ball” hosted by produced by the GMAD Youth Advisory Board (GYAB)

Before Paris is Burning, there was T.V. Transvestite. Shot in 1982 by filmmakers Simone di Bagno and Michele Capozzi, the documentary captures a fierce House of LaBeija ball thrown at a Harlem Bingo hall. "Lost" and not screened in public for over two decades, this rare film shows such legends as Pepper LaBeija, Dorian Corey and Sugar in a period before voguing and at the advent of AIDS.

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