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The New American Herbal by Stephen Orr

from Amazon (click here to purchase)

***Update, March 1, 2015. If you haven't picked up a copy of this yet, I recommend you at least get it from the library and read up on your herbs. You may want to grow some new ones this year, and try out some of Stephen's recipes.

From modern garden master Stephen Orr comes a new, definitive book on herbs to finally replace the dusty and outdated classics. Here are entries on hundreds of plants that are extraordinarily useful in cooking, homeopathy, and more; dozens of recipes and DIY projects; and beautifully styled photographs so you know just what you're growing.

With more than 900 entries, each accompanied by brand new photography and helpful growing advice,The New American Herbal takes the study of herbs to an exciting new level. Orr covers the entire spectrum of herbaceous plants, from culinary to ornamental to aromatic and medicinal, presenting them in an easy to use A to Z format packed with recipes, DIY projects, and stunning examples of garden design highlighting herbal plantings

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