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Dear Friends, Contacts and World-wide TEAM,

I Just answered two Billionaires, who asked me a resume of the benefits and added value of the Flexkom interactive Terminal & Platform, in comparison to the new NFC 

(Near Field Communication) pay Terminals from the existing company's and Monopolist like Visa-Master-Card, that very slowly are being introduced into the market now, and of where you can already see some video evidence and feedback on Youtube.

The next explication is my answer to them:

FLEXKOM is a BLUE-OCEAN Company and NOT a RED-OCEAN Company, and why this is so important for you to know even for your current, existing business.

Flexkom is the only Pay-Terminal Company that splits its income whit its PR-agents who are World-wide Licence Holders with a average of 1.5 % and 1,2% for the shop or business-owners, on every transaction, because they distribute the Cards or Smart-Phone APP instead of the Banks, and 1.5 % + 1.2 % is also possible.

So in case you are interested in becoming a Licence holder, than email

As you have read and perhaps already have seen on Youtube, that the NFC Terminals can be hacked quite easily and all the Banks in the World have gambled on and invested in NFC technology with all due consequences, and on top of that, these NFC Terminals are only compatible with a few brands and models of Smart Phones.

Non of the Apple i-Phones is NFC compatible, and Apple fan's are not going to buy another brand of smart-phone, only just to be able to pay for something over NFC.

The Flexkom Terminals and interactive system is already compatible with all the Apple or Android Smart-Phone and soon also with Blackberry and Windows o-system.

On top of this Flexkom has its own exclusive and World-wide patented interactive 2 way Mobile pay Terminal system that can NOT be hacked, since it is NOT solely dependable of the single internet connection that can easily be hacked, and CYBER-SECURITY is: The most important issue in Digital-Banking and Mobile-Payment.

On top of this, the existing and new NFC terminals are not interactive with multimedia functionalities like the Flexkom Terminals have, because Flexkom are the only ones who thought about evolving the pay-terminals into a interactive multi-Media apparatus, and by the way, Media and Publicity is Big Business but at a very high cost, and not at all efficient or measurable, and a catastrophe because of deforestation.

So the shop or business owners weekly or monthly financial publicity budget becomes zero $ €, and on top of this Flexkom provides him with a free website and free website 

maintenance in the Flexkom interactive World-wide Mega-Mall, and provides him also with Free Online Traffic towards his site and Free Offline traffic of Physical clients towards his shop or business.

On top of this, Flexkom is the only Terminal having a interactive Geographical Marketing functionality with GPS-Guide system to help the potential customer find the POS.

On top of this, Flexkom is the only Terminals having a Targeted-Marketing functionality towards Groups, family's or and even individuals, inclusive birth date action possibilities and much more.

On top of this, the Flexkom Terminals have a interactive memory program onto the buying history and behaviour of the individual, groups or family.

On top of this, Flexkom Terminals have a interactive discount, savings and action functionalities program for the Flexkom POS owner, which is the main instrument to get consumers away from E-Commerce and back to the local OFF-LINE shops, businesses, shops, Flexkom POS owners, which could also be therapists, doctors or homebased business or home based franchise which is the big predicted future in private owned business for the very near future.

On top of this, the Flexkom interactive POS Terminals have a feedback system for the business owner to show him the number of potential customers, clients that are in his geographical area, to do a certain action on the right moment in time.

On top of this, there is NO other POS system that supplies a multiple stream of income and cash for the owner to give him the means to be able to give discount to its potential clients consumers to be able to get them away from E-Commerce back to the OFFLINE shops.

On top of this there is no other POS Terminal company in the World that owns his own World-wide telecoms company with a 97.2 % coverage over all the existing Mobile antenna masts and or VOIP to provide the SECOND-LINE secure money transaction system that never ever can be hacked, and which also functions as a FREE means of mobile communication towards his Clients and even contact or other Flexkom customers and or licence holders, agents.

This is also our multiplier, because we launched it as the first VIRAL-APP ever and is World-wide active, for more info on this VIRAL-APP, contact the person who invited you to Flexkom.

On top of this we have a integrated system, similar to the very successful Groupon system, but then business friendly, since he is free to give whatever discount he can give and on every product individually and accordingly to the extra multiple income streams that the Flexkom system generates for him, in this gentle user-friendly way he can increase his discount to become as competitive as E-Commerce.

On top of this the Flexkom interactive Terminal Platform has a cash-back generator system that transfers money from the Multi-national company's and large chain stores towards the small and medium business owners., which is never ever done before in history.

On top of this, Flexkom has integrated a system whereby the paper publicity from your physical mailbox is being turned into digital publicity towards the smart-phones, this has a massive ecological footprint in favor of deforestation World-wide and should be embraced immediately.

On top of this, the Flexkom mobile interactive platform in between supplier and consumer is the only solution and system whereby the physical mailbox publicity-chaos, the email-chaos, push-mail chaos, Spam-box chaos, cookie-Chaos, can be solved, which is priority number one of the Spam-Commission and this problem is currently under full investigation of the Federal Trade Commission at the moment.

On top of this the Flexkom Terminals have a integrated digitalised loyalty system program, like the old loyalty-cards system with stamps, and this interactive together with its discount program at the same-time, so after some time the Flexkom company donates € 20,- and then a LED TV, then a Full pension 2 week Holiday included flight tickets for 2 persons, then a Gold-Lin-got, then a car, and when they stay loyal to Flexkom for a very long time, then Flexkom donates a sum of € 125.000,- for a home.

So we are also in the benefit of the Consumer.

On top of this, there is much more in development at Flexkom which will be launched step by step and which will blow your mind and the opposition away, we talk about opposition since we have NO competition, because Flexkom is a Blue-Ocean Company instead of a Red-Ocean company, i hope you understand now, who we are factual.

For more positive evidence onto Flexkom, you will find many interesting video's on Youtube/or this facebook and for the unreal negative you just google, and to find out the truth for yourself, 

you are most welcome and hereby invited to visit the Flexkom international Holding AG World HQ in Switzerland at Burg-Castle Constants at Lake-Constants in the Burg-strasse 8 in 8280 Kreuzlingen in Kanton Thurgau CH-440. ROC.

I recommend you to buy the book: Red Ocean Blue Ocean which is recommended by all the university's.

I hope Flexkom and i may serve you well.

Your sincerely,

Flexkom central team

our site:

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